Day 30: An Unfair End

Personally I don’t think an anime should go on forever. Nothing is worse than a show that doesn’t know when to end and you feel like you are being dragged along on a ride you didn’t sign up for. This is an opinion me and Alyssa share. It may seem obvious after this 30 Days of Anime project, but we really think a lot alike when it comes to anime. And this is subject is much the same.

The show I would like to focus on today is Kare Kano or His and Her Circumstances. Kare Kano, a 21 volume manga, received a 26-episode anime adaptation in 1998. The anime adaptation only goes up to about volume 8 of the manga, which a shame is considering how deep the story of Kare Kano is.

Kare Kano is the story of Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima, two genius students who start as rivals and quickly turn into a couple. From there the story follows their development through high school and that of their friends. This sounds like a real basic plot, and truthfully, it is. However, like most things, the beauty is in the presentation. Throughout the manga several different relationships are formed, each one special and unique, not all romantic in nature. We learn about the troubled past of a varying amount of characters and we watch Yukino turn from a spiteful, study obsessed girl to a lovely young adult who is trying her best.

Needless to say the story is complicated (in a good way) as it spans 21 volumes. The anime adaptation doesn’t get far and doesn’t even get to some of the best parts of the series. This is why I hope and pray that someone will reboot the series and carry it to the finish. I feel like shojo manga never get long adaptations and Kare Kano would require at least 40 episodes to properly tell its story. Still, a girl can dream, can’t she?


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