Laughing Under the Clouds episode 7: 600 Years Ago

Ah episode 7. You were definitely less sad than 6 but you still brought the feels. And feel I did. Poor Hirari. I hope when we get back to present time you and Botan can be happy. Which raises a question I feel the need to ask now. If Botan was just a familiar back then, is that what she still is? Or was she reborn human? I suppose we’ll find out as the series continues but I guess I’m impatient and just want to know now.

Anyway, this episode shows us the full story of the flashback we got a couple episodes ago. This means we learn all about Hirari, a member of the Abe family who was adopted and trained to be bait for the Orochi. The episode starts with him saving Botan and subsequently declaring his love for her. Botan blows him off, as a familiar she sees no point in getting involved with him. Kagemitsu pops up again. And it is here I wonder where the red streaks come into play with their hair. Because if I remember right Kagemitsu Kumo doesn’t have them. Of course it’s been 600 years so a lot of people have come into the Kumo family, but still, they look exactly like him except for that fact.

Gosh they’re adorable.

Broadcast dub: Today we were truly introduced to Micah Solosud as Hirari. While I’m not sure how well it compares to the Japanese voice, I do think this match up is one of the better ones in the series. As the episode grows you can clearly see (uh, hear) Solosud getting familiar with the role and truly letting it shine. It was a good match up and one I enjoyed watching. (As opposed to Abe no Sousei, whose voice I still don’t approve of).

Rating: 5/5


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