Announcing a Tumblr Exclusive!

Alyssa here! I am excited to tell you that now that Nightvale is off of its miniature hiatus — I will be reviewing it from the episode released December 1st, 2014 until…well, until I don’t feel like it anymore. I have been a longtime listener of WTNV and I am excited to announce this is our first non-anime project. HOWEVER, I will be posting the reviews only on our tumblr:

I am a bit behind on listening but I am hoping to get the reviews up this weekend once finals are wrapped up. From then, I am HOPING to establish a schedule on getting the episode reviews out a day or two after their release. It may take me some time to fall into a schedule so please be patient with me. I am hoping to reach out to any cool Nightvale fans out there and talk about this beautiful, strange podcast.

Questions you may have:

Why are you only reviewing the most recent episodes?
Well friends, Nightvale is a commitment. I have listened to the first 35 episodes at least twice and that takes up ALOT of time. So unfortunately, with college and our other review projects, I do not have time to go back and review all of the episodes. Even if I did, my reactions would not be as genuine.

Why are you only posting the reviews to tumblr?
For now, we think these reviews are best suited as a tumblr exclusive. Maybe if enough people request it we can post them over here but at this time, these will only be on tumblr.

I hope that all of you who enjoy Welcome to Nightvale will read my reviews. And remember kids, “If you see something, say nothing. And drink to forget.” (Unless you are underage)


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