Updates and Announcements!

I have some announcements for everyone! We have decided to create a schedule page. This will include an initial post of a basic schedule, the things we know we will be doing and have planned to do. After this the post will not be updated with our releases but the page will. It will also include links to all posts made during the month. The page will only hold two months at a time. We will start this schedule in January.

Alyssa got the luxury of posting our first actual review (as in of a series) today. YAY! This is a great milestone for us as it finally feels like we are on the road to doing something. We have decided to create a master page for all of the full reviews we do. This page has already been made, and is even in alphabetical order, however there is only one review there. (Kuroko no Basuke). I hope you enjoy this new feature.

AAAAAAAND FINALLY! An update for all of the projects we have started:

Fruit of Grisaia – This series will remain as just a ‘first impressions’ there will be no episode reviews however when I finish it there will be a series review. Do not fear we didn’t plan to continue this past episode 3 (because it disgusted us) so you aren’t missing out on much.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san – Dropped. We were very busy and this series got rather behind. As it is Alyssa has decided to forfeit the episode reviews in place of just doing a final review of the series.

Sora no Method – Will resume. As with Kokkuri-san we got very busy with school. Over the two months we have been doing this we have slowly learned how to balance things. I have decided to continue with Sora no Method despite being extremely behind (since it’s ending soon).

Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Will continue. Orenchi is a series whose episode run short in length. Therefore Alyssa has decided to continue this series to its end and a final review will definitely be released.

Kill la Kill – Will resume. As the first series we started I very much would like to continue it. Understand though that it probably won’t start will after Christmas. I would like to post episode reviews on Wednesday, so this means you can expect episode 2’s review to come out on December 31 if everything goes as planned.

Laughing Under the Clouds – Continuing. This series, that has gone on for 7 weeks now, is continuing. Laughing Under the Clouds will be ending soon but the broadcast dub won’t be ending until January so that’s the time schedule I am on. Please expect Laughing Under the Clouds to continue uninterrupted!


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