Laughing Under the Clouds episode 8: “We pretty much have our mysterious ninja quota covered, but…”

This episode of Laughing Under the Clouds puts us firmly back into the present and everyone is still reeling over the death of Tenka. I enjoy the very realistic portrayal of sadness we are getting with the remaining two Kumoh brothers. (That hurt to type).

At the beginning of the episode we find out it has been one week since Tenka’s execution and it has rained the entire time. Soramaru even questions why the sun hasn’t come out. This is something I myself questioned considering the quickness the clouds left in episode 7 after the Orochi was killed.

Still Soramaru and Chutaro are very understandably moping around and this hurt to watch. One particular scene with Chutaro almost made me cry both times I watched it. As my favorite character, sad Chutaro is my least favorite thing. I really relate to Chutaro as I am also the youngest in my family and it always felt like I wasn’t told things because I was “too young.” As such his pain felt very real to me.

Soramaru took a different approach to his sadness. He tried to keep going. However as he tried to push forward it became very evident that his approacg wasn’t helping. Instead, Soramaru was drowning in the pain he was trying to avoid. In the midst of his sadness though he stumbled upon Nishiki. Nishiki, if you don’t remember, is the guard from Gokumonjo (I bet you forgot all about Gokumonjo and fox mask, eh?). I’m quite glad to see her return as I found her to be a very interesting character. Soramaru willingly brings her into the house for treatment, as she was injured. This leads to a very familiar scene of cops crying for help because they lost another convict. The world wonders how they got jobs as cops in the first place.

As Soramaru helps them out he learns about Nishiki’s past. She’s an unfledged Fuma, basically considered worthless by her clan. However Soramaru understands her pain as he spent a lot of time running. Through Nishiki’s story Soramaru is able to finally understand what he needs to do with his life: live.

I rather enjoyed the different paths the Kumoh brothers have taken this episode. One has managed to pull himself out of his depression while the other is still floundering in it. And it’s so realistic. No where in this episode did I feel that Chutaro’s sadness was being overdone or Soramaru’s eventual recover was forced. It’s a nice change of pace from some shounen shows that have people automatically channeling someone’s death into power even though for some this takes days, months, even years to happen.

This entire scene hurt.

Also! There was a new opening. It was much slower than the previous one but very interesting. It appears to be a jumble of scenes and animation used in the first opening but truthfully I quite liked it. It’s slower, darker feel matches the current attitude of the series. As always the scene after the ending has left me very concerned. This time it is Chutaro and we all know that I love him most. It will be two weeks until you guys get another episode review due to Funimation taking this Saturday off for the holidays. Until then feel free to tell me how you feel. Was Tenka’s death hard for you? Or do you think the story will be more interesting without him? Tell me in the comment section below!

Rating: 5/5


One thought on “Laughing Under the Clouds episode 8: “We pretty much have our mysterious ninja quota covered, but…”

  1. I was so sad when I saw Tenka die, it was so emotional and depressing. I was crying so much my mom came in and said what are you crying about, now that I think about it, I think I’m a little too attached to this show.

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