Laughing Under the Clouds episode 9: “I’m well aware of that thank you.”

~Let me just say that I love naming these reviews using quotes. The broadcast dub gives so many gems for me to use.~

Starting where we left off last episode we see Chutaro being confronted by Kagami (whose name I was completely unaware of until now). Kagami pushes poor little Chutaro over the edge, though Chutaro was already quiite close. Chutaro finally understands that Tenka is dead, not coming back, but only due to Kagami’s evil urging that also pushes Chutaro into believing that revenge must be taken for Tenka’s unfair death. I’m understandably heartbroken right now becuase I know this isn’t something Chutaro would normally do but his grief and Kagami’s words have put him in a bad place. Still I’m unsure if Chutaro can really pull something off despite having been manipulated by Kagami. It appears more that Kagami needs Chutaro for something and I’m not excited to find out what that is.

As for the rest of the episode revelations are thrown out everywhere. We find out Tenka really did die in vain, Botan truly is the same familiar from 600 years ago (although it has yet to be discussed if she has her memories from that time), Takamine (the Yamainu with the scar on his face) learns that Tenka was an artificial Orochi, Soramaru learns something about himself, and then there’s the revelation at the end of the episode. I really don’t like spoiling those and I’m not going to spoil this one. Just know that it is truly a punch in the gut, or rather, a blade to the chest.

Takeda – My favorite Yamainu

At the end of the day this episode was a great continuation of last weeks touching episode that dealt with Tenka’s passing. Tenka’s passing is still having its effects on the remaining brothers but Soramaru is finally starting to move on while we now know that Chutaro isn’t having the same luck. Things will take time for the brother’s but I’m not sure the plot is going to give them the grieving period they deserve or require.

As always I look forward to next week. In the comments feel free to tell me your favorite part of the series so far. Do you like the bits of comedy? Or perhaps your really enjoying one of the characters? My personal favorite characters are Chutaro (if I haven’t made it obvious) and the Yamainu’s Takeda (or the freckly guy if you’re not good with names).

Rating: 4/5


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