Little Witch Academia Reivew

little witch academia

*This review was originally posted here, on my personal blog*

Story: 8/10
Art/Animation: 9/10
Sound: 6/10
Characters: 8/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

Final Score: 8.2/10

Little Witch Academia is a cute little 26 minute OVA released by Trigger. The story is pretty basic as it centers around a girl who is going to a school for witches. Witches only, so in essence it is an all-girls school. Akko, our main character, was inspired as a child by a magic show performed by a witch known as Shiny Chariot. This fateful moment leds Akko, who has very little magical power, to enter a school full of practiced witches.


Akko isn’t the typical happy-go-lucky main character. She seems to think that doing magic is more important than learning about the history of witches. You could say she is the type of girl who wants results as soon as possible rather than going the slow and steady route. This isn’t particularly annoying, as this is just a short OVA, but it does lead me to wonder if Akko is really cut out to follow her dream. She must put in some effort, yes?

However that isn’t really the point of this OVA. The OVA features a simple story meant to intrigue and show us a glimpse of their world. And their world looks good. The art is a simpler style but very cute indeed. I personally think that this art style works better with this cutesy story than its use in Kill la Kill (Also by studio Trigger). However I’ve only just started Kill la Kill and may change my mind.

I would say more about the OVA but there really isn’t a lot to say. Little Witch Academia is short at 26 minutes and while there is a story, that’s about it. The OVA doesn’t have a whole lot of time to focus on the characters more than basics and stereotypes. This doesn’t detract from the story or the enjoyment but it does make you wonder what the characters are really like.

At the end of the day Little Witch Academia is an adorable looking show that features an interesting view into a magic filled world. It would be fun to get to continue this story and see how Akko develops as a character.


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