Orenchi no Furo Jijou Eps 7 & 8 Review


Episode 7. My Sibling Circumstances

Ah yes…My sibling circumstances. This episode was…interesting. At the beginning of this episode, a special guest arrives — Tatsumi’s sister!  Right off the bat, I could tell that Kasumi, Tatsumi’s kid sister, was a brat with a brother-complex. As soon as he opens the door, she responds with “You’re late!” Seriously? You just rang the doorbell, give him a minute.

Tatsumi explains to Wakasa that he was asked to take care of her for a day and as such, she cannot find out about him. Naturally, the fishy smell (and attitude from her brother) leads Kasumi into exploring and finding Wakasa. Kasumi, however, believes an evil “woman” has seduced her brother but finds he’s a man. Even so, she vows to crush any “insect” that gets near her brother.

She’s annoyingly jealous about the fact that Tatsumi takes a bath with Wakasa. She gets jealous and begins to cry, saying she wants to live with him. And of course, big brother Tatsumi makes her promise not to tell anyone about Wakasa. But of course, the price is that next time she comes over, he will do anything for her…poor, poor Tatsumi.

Things I like about this episode: How adorable Wakasa is when he can’t see Tatsumi.

Things I hate: the annoying, twin-tailed, stereotypical, manipulative little sister character but hey, at least we know Tatsumi has a family!

She also sniffs his shirt which is…kind of weird. Now, personally, I don’t have a big brother; he went to the grave before I was born. And I’ve always wondered what it would be like if he were around and I am envious of most friends with big brothers. Even so, I don’t think Kasumi’s obsession with her brother is healthy.

Score: 4/5


Episode 8. The Circumstances of Popular Trends in Today’s Male Youth

In this episode, Tatsumi is displeased with Wakasa when he leaves all the vegetables on his plate. Who wouldn’t be considering Tatsumi’s circumstances? Aside from being bitter and disgusting, Wakasa claims that eating one’s vegetables isn’t popular right now. Of course, this opinion stems from the magazines Wakasa reads all the time.

For whatever reason, probably to change the subject, Wakasa strips Tatsumi and forces him into the tub with him and even begins washing his hair. Wakasa then starts poking and prodding at Tatsumi. When asked what he is doing, Wakasa shows Tatsumi the magazine article:


You can become a carnivore with these three steps-

1) Draw them in.

2) Be sweet

3) Push, push, push.

Clearly…this article is about being a sexually aggressive lover and Wakasa, being the naive little fishbrain he is…well, he interpreted things a bit…wrong. This leads Tatsumi to pointing out that the vegetables aren’t going to go away and getting a bit upset with Wakasa, who claims that veggies once gave him a sick stomach.

Tatsumi leaves the bathroom, seemingly angry. As it turns out, he brings Wakasa juice to see if vegetable juice will upset his stomach. Tatsumi wants Wakasa to prove that his health is fine without vegetables and the two engage in an arm wrestle.

In this episode, I particularly likes getting to see that Wakasa is strong, despite his naivette. I don’t really have any complaints; I thought it was an overall good episode with nice pacing and a clever punchline!

Score: 5/5


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