Laughing Under the Clouds Episode 10: “Too bad, so sad.”

At the end of last episode Shirasu revealed his true colors and vowed to resurrect Lord Orochi. With this information we also learn that Soramaru is the true vessel. I’m quite distraught over Shirasu’s betrayal, I must be honest. Both times I watched this episode (In Japanese & English) I found myself on the edge of tears. It was the ridiculous combination of betrayal and trying to deal with Soramaru being the real vessel.

LUTC 10-2

Soramaru, though, was also trying to deal with being the vessel. His decision? To ask Sosei to kill him. Surprising Sosei refuses. Tenka’s death has taken a toll on everyone and in Sosei it appears to have made him rethink his position. Now Sosei would like to protect Soramaru and even try to save him rather than blindly kill him. It is an improvement I admire in Sosei. He may seem tough but he really cares.

We are also treated with the reunion of Hirari and Botan, though it remains short. This is because the episode would rather we bathe in sadness as the Fuma clan, and its twin leaders Kotaro, kidnap Soramaru. This might be the worst part of the episode. (And perhaps the best portrayed scene in the show thus far.) Shirasu reveals himself to be Kotaro and the man in the mask shows up, after escaping from Gokumonjo, to reveal that he too is Kotaro Fuma.

LUTC 10-3

The two share the role as leader of the Fuma clan and Shirasu is no more as he is replaced with a man who is willing to sacrifice the life of a boy he spent the last ten years looking after. This part nearly brought me to tears. Soramaru’s pain is beautifully portrayed and the music this episode is perfect. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more out of this episode. But we get more anyway. A lot more. A moment that took my breath away.

Right before the ending song starts we see Chutaro attempting to fish to get food for him and Kagami. The scene quickly turns into an argument between the two when Kagami decides that they should just kill some nearby villagers and take their food. Bandits get to the women first but they are saved by a mysterious guy in a cloak. None other than Tenka Kumoh.

Rating: 5/5


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