Assassination Classroom Episode 1 First Impressions

Assassination Classroom episode one was interesting to say the least. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to seeing how it carries itself out. That being said, we are given a lot of information in the first episode. The strange smiley-face-emoticon-tentacle-monster teacher (Koro sensei) makes it almost difficult for me to take this show seriously. And it certainly doesn’t help that he is seen grooming a government official’s eyebrows, waxing a fighter jet, and polishing nameplates from some of his students’ homes.

Assassination Classroom, for those who don’t know, focuses on a group of students (Class 3-E or End) who are a group of prep school failures that are isolated atop a mountain. Before their third year of class, seventy percent of the moon was destroyed by Koro-sensei. Koro-sensei struck a deal with the government that he would teach class 3-E, but only if the students themselves were to try to kill him and not the government. The one to kill him would receive ten thousand dollars from the government, and should they fail – Koro-sensei will destroy the Earth.

Koro-sensei is actually shown to be a good teacher, working with his students to actually make them learn. Nagisa, who seems to be one of our main focal points (and whom I didn’t realize was a boy), even notes that this is the first teacher who hasn’t given up on them. I’m not sure why Koro treats the students in kind, despite looking down on them. Interestingly enough, Koro-sensei cannot hurt the students – this was also a deal that was struck with the government. And when three boys decide to use Nagisa as a suicide bomber with a grenade full of anti-teacher BBs (the only thing that works to harm Koro), he even sheds his skin, something he can only do once a month, to save not only himself but Nagisa. He then scolds the three boys who came up with the plan, threatening their friends and family (who are in the dark about this whole debacle). And why? Not because he thinks their plan was crap; no, he actually praises them for that. He is furious over the fact that the other students were willing to sacrifice Nagisa and not look out for him.

We learn some interesting things in this episode such as Koro-sensei’s color-changing face meaning different things:

Green stripes – looking down on someone/he’s feeling confident.

Scarlet (and marked with a circle) – Right answer

Purple – wrong answer

Light pink – sleepy (this usually occurs after lunch)

Black – furious.

What piqued my interest the most about this episode was that we see an almost more human-shaped Koro holding a woman in a labcoat. She says he is capable of teaching ‘those students’ and basically asks him to take care of them. Knowing that Koro was raised on Earth and that the government has specialized BBs that work on him, we can assume that this woman was in some way important to Koro. Is it possible that he was created in a lab somewhere? Was that woman a teacher or a scientist? I can’t say for sure yet but I am intrigued enough to continue this series.

I also noted that the title and ending tracks don’t seem to match the vibe the anime gives. The opening seems to be one of those where the group of students is singing together and it is really upbeat. The ending theme is beautiful and slow, almost chilling. However, the mood music behind the anime itself was very fitting for each scene.

How did you feel about Assassination Classroom? What was your favorite part of episode one?


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