Orenchi no Furo Jijou Episode 9 & 10

Episode 9. “The Circumstances of Our Naked Bonding”

The episode begins with Tatsumi, head fully immersed in the tub water, who then claims the water stinks. Well…I mean there’s a giant fish man in his tub so… But anyway, after the opening theme (which I still want a full version of), Tatsumi is soaking the drain whilst Wakasa waits in a kids pool. Which, of course, belongs to Kasumi who shows up. In case you are bad with names, Kasumi is Tatsumi’s little sister.

Let me continue by saying that this episode made my HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE. Having heard her brother was using her pool, she begins to strip to her bathing suit, blushing and claiming she came “emotionally prepared.” Well, I certainly wasn’t emotionally prepared for all the disgust I felt by this episode. I LOVE Orenchi but this episode nearly pushed the limit.

Kasumi wants to take a bath with her brother, demanding that this is the one request he is supposed to grant her. Tatsumi says no, scolding that he is a grown man and there is also a merman around. Wakasa basically says that Tatsumi should do what his cute little sister says. Kasumi, happy the Wakasa is on her side, steps forward and slips in his fishy slime, falling into the pool and hitting his groin, causing him pain. This, to me, seems illogical as she hit his tail and he wouldn’t have sensitive male genitals there, specifically not male ones.


We then see Kasumi in an inappropriate pose with her clothes clinging to her stating “What is this? It’s slimy.” This moment made me shout in disgust. I have never felt so much rage or discomfort from this show until now. Due to this mishap, Kasumi ends up in the tub with her brother and Wakasa is blindfolded. However, he gets jealous and jumps in.

Kasumi and Wakasa have a small bonding over MIKAMI shampoo and Kasumi seems to feel a bit bad for being mean to Wakasa. However, when Wakasa calls her cute, she turns horridly tsundere, claiming she’s “not blushing” and “only has eyes for her brother.” She then gets upset with him for doing something as dangerous as sleeping in the tub and hits her brother for it, nearly knocking him unconscious…Clearly more of a danger than him falling asleep in a tub crammed with people…well a little girl and a fish man, but even so.

Wakasa and Kasumi enter in a deal. She gives him a cellphone to take pictures of her brother and she will give him MIKAMI shampoo. Of course, being that Wakasa can’t leave the bathroom, this means that the pictures she wants “from different angles” will be inappropriate.


Clearly, there was a lot I disliked in this episode. I can’t say there was a lot I really enjoyed other than Wakasa saying Kasumi was “the cutest child he’s seen.”

Score: 2/5

Episode 10. “The Circumstances of Wakasa’s Friends: Maki Chapter”


Some children are picking on a snail in front of Tatsumi’s house. Naturally, this water critter is a friend of Wakasa’s. Tatsumi takes the shell inside to Wakasa to ask about it. Wakasa reveals that the snail inside the shell is named Maki. He is a very gloomy character who is complaining about the human and how bright it is. He is forced out of his shell, literally, when Wakasa pokes around inside it with a stick of pocky (ew waste of pocky).

Maki seems very anti-social and unable to handle meeting Wakasa’s “girlfriend” so suddenly. This made me giggle the first time with its implacable relationship between Tatsumi and Wakasa. However, it is revealed that Maki believes Tatsumi is female because he can’t find his glasses (which are on his head).

Maki, who is hungry, begins licking the rub and cleaning it, getting a seal of approval to stay from Tatsumi. However, both Maki and Wakasa agree that it would be too embarrassing for the snail to eat the slime off of Wakasa.


Tatsumi compliments Maki, who doesn’t believe him. And he believes him even less when Tatsumi is grossed out that he is a little slimy. However, Tatsumi begins cleaning him with a tooth brush. Awkward moment of this episode – hearing Maki moan as Tatsumi scrubs his shell. Maki is revealed to look beautiful after being cleaned, his personality changes, and he’s very happy.

Maki is a strange character who does and says things without thinking. He has a very gloomy and antisocial personality which is almost expected of a snail. My favorite part came at the end of this episode when Tatsumi points out how small Maki is. Maki gets depressed again saying, “I thought I knew how small I was, but I let myself get carried away.” Being that I am only 5 ft tall, this scene really resonated with me.

Despite making me only slightly uncomfortable, this episode made up for the previous episode and got back on track with a pace and personality I like to see from this show.



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