Laughing Under the Clouds Episode 11: “You’re alive.”

After the big reveal of last week’s episode you may be like me and be wondering how this happened. It turns out that when Tenka received the blow to his back protecting Soramaru from Kotaro Fuma he took desperate measures to stay alive. These desperate measures? A special medicine made from Orochi cells. It saved Tenka but will eventually cost him his humanity. Tenka firmly believed he would be executed but Hirari says they received orders from higher-ups to keep him alive. Soramaru is also a huge concern at the moment. He’s been fully taken over by the Orochi. The process was most likely sped up by the emotional stress he underwent in the  last episode. With his mind preoccupied with sadness he was unable to fight the Orochi when it went to take him over. Kotaro Fuma (Shirasu ver.) continues to cause my heart pain as he moves along with his plan to resurrect the Orochi. Nishiki has a different plan however, one that may just save Soramaru. And as Nishiki makes her break to prove her loyalty. Chutaro and Kagami run into the two Shiga police who always manage to lose every criminal. Although Chutaro has willingly (albeit through underhanded means) gone with Kagami, these two have no way of knowing that and attempt to confront Kagami. You can imagine that it goes badly. However this moment brings my favorite moment this episode. He is a Chutaro who knows it is ok to be weak as well as one who will try to help the bad guy, in this instance Kagami. And I am most happy that he is back. What I am not happy about however is how Chutaro is thrown immediately into danger once he is back. Botan figures that the Orochi must be weak against sunlight due to the fact that he is always reborn under a cloudy sky. The plan goes that underground tunnels will be used to lure Soramaru/Orochi to Kyoto and into the morning light. However the bait for this trap is Chutaro. Botan has to leave him in order to stop Kotaro Fuma (Shirasu) from chasing them into the tunnels. Still, while I understand it, I just don’t like it. Chutaro is a small child and very unaware of the situation that has occurred since he left. He’s been forced into something and honestly, I’m just afraid he’ll get hurt. Tenka’s ‘death’ was awful because Soramaru and Chutaro depended on him so completely for their emotional needs. Chutaro’s death would be an even bigger soul crusher and watching him attempt to keep the Orochi possessed Soramaru away from the Kumoh swords was heartbreaking. They should never have had to fight and yet here they are struggling for existence. I’m not sure how this show is going to end but I can’t wait to find out.

I’m still not over Shirasu’s betrayal.

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