Kill la Kill Episode 4: What did I just watch?

Episode description: Sirens awaken the No-Star students for the start of “No-Late Day,” where being tardy will get you expelled from Honnouji Academy. With Senketsu in the wash, Ryuko must fight on her own to get through the Discipline Committee’s traps and arrive on time.


Thus far in the Kill la Kill series we have seen Ryuko grow to accept being semi-naked because being semi-naked gives her super strength. With this strength, Ryuko has taken on the task of defeating the Kiryuin family, most specifically Satsuki. Now throw everything you know about this series out the door.

This episode is garbage. Yes, garbage. I will not prematurely judge the series and say that is super bad but this episode was pure crap. The art was completely different. Everyone appeared in a super deformed style with their heads gaining a ridiculously round shape. There was no plot development resulting in the episode being filler, and not good filler, and overall it was just disappointing.

The episode starts with the no star students (Mako is a no star) being awakened by a loud bell signaling an event known as “No-late Day.” Late students are punished by being kicked out of the school and since the school determines everything in one’s life, also leads to families losing homes. Mako attempts to make it to school on time but ends up depending completely on Ryuko for help. Ryuko would normally be able to blow through all the traps built to hinder the students but today she does not have Senketsu, as he was being washed by Mako’s mother.

The entire ridiculous episode is further escalated by the inclusion of a fellow student, Maiko Ogure. Maiko belongs to Mako and Ryuko’s class and has hurt her arm. They take her with them and surprise, surprise she turns out to be evil. So evil in fact that she is the one responsible for all the traps that now block the students’ way to school. Her goal? Senketsu of course. She dreams of defeating Satsuki Kiryuin and taking over the school. She almost gets her way too. Maiko manages to get Senketsu, put him on, and transform. She apparently has no shame and cares very little about how she looks after transforming. Senketsu, however, finds her blood to be disgusting and attempts to keep her still until Ryuko can take him off of Maiko.

Long, pointless story short Ryuko gets her Kamui back, they make it to school, Maiko gets expelled, and somehow Ryuko’s entire class had already made it before them. It was bad. I thought the rest of the episodes were ‘meh’ but this one was just awful.



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