Assassination Classroom Episode 2

Assassination Classroom Episode 2 Review

“I’ve always wanted to try killing me a teacher.” –The mysterious suspended student. (I know his name but for the sake of this review I’m omitting it.)

In this week’s episode, a lot of interesting things happened. But, well, this show is overall just interesting! I stand by my opinion that I don’t find it to be a chore to watch and review this show. Despite the fact that I am constantly asking ‘WTF!?’ I find the show to be relaxing in a way. There is a good balance between comedy, unanswered questions, and seriousness in the show.

Koro-sensei’s American disguise

In the first half of this episode, we see Sugino trying to kill Koro-sensei by pitching a baseball covered in anti-teacher BBs at him. Of course, Koro escapes with ease, travelling at Mach 20 speed to go get a baseball glove out of storage to catch the ball.

This failed assassination attempt makes Sugino very depressed. Koro-sensei leaves to go to America to watch a baseball game. Koro returns, having shined the ball Sugino tried to kill him with. As it turns out, Koro left to go to America to do research on Arita, a pitcher whom Sugino models his style off of. Koro-sensei’s tentacles do not lie when they are used to check out the bodies of Arita and Sugino. He does this to compare them and get an idea over whether or not Sugino can ever compare to Arita. He says his body is not nearly as good as Arita’s, making Sugino depressed, but then adds that there is better movement in his wrists and elbows. Koro-sensei tells him to find an assassination style that fits his own physical attributes.

This episode yet again shows how much Koro-sensei cares for his students, or at least keeping his promise to teach them. He goes out of his way to give Sugino advice and he grades Nagisa’s paper with plenty of compliments (albeit doing weird drawings on the other side).

Another softer side of Koro-sensei is scene after the second half of the episode. We can see that enough time has passed that the tulips in the garden have bloomed. As per usual, Koro-sensei is relaxing behind the school; today he is making shaved ice. His students rush at him, eyes shining, smiling, and of course, knives in hand. Koro moves quickly, disarming them and replacing their knives with the tulips from the garden. He tells them they should stop to smell the flowers to produce smiles that aren’t forced. However, because he pulled the flowers from the garden, this makes quite a few of the students unhappy. Some even cry. Koro-sensei rushes away to collect a multitude of tulip bulbs and even plants them, making some students question whether or not he actually intends to destroy the earth.

This brings me to halting my summary for long enough to approach a theory. In episode one, I noted that Koro’s silhouette was more human-like. Trystan and I believe that Koro-sensei can change his shape/appearance, not drastically, but enough. It is possible that he took the form we see him in now to appear less menacing. This could be so as not to scare his students (more than they already can be, given the situation) or it could be so they would take him less seriously. It could even be a combination of both!

And so, with that in mind, it is difficult to hate Koro-sensei, even if he has no tolerance and a very short fuse. Nagisa takes the time to note Koro-sensei’s weak points, which there seem to be quite a few. I, personally, believe that one of Koro’s weaknesses is his students crying or feeling depressed. He quickly rushes in to plant tulips and even lets the students hang him from a tree and all shoot at him or try to stab him. This is witnessed by Karasuma, a government official who becomes their new P.E. teacher – Fear not, he has a teaching license everyone! (But does Koro-sensei?)

So much happens in this episode and there are a lot of interesting points brought up, like the fact that the discrimination against the E class is used to keep other students in order. Trystan and I had also questioned whether or not the knives, which are not purple, are made out of the same anti- matter as the BBs that can be used to hurt or kill Koro. They appear to be rubber but are, in fact, made out of the same materials.

The episode almost ends on a happy (?) note with the students talking excitedly about having coming close to killing him. However, it cuts to the ministry filling in a student who has been suspended until now on the goings-on of E class. I had seen pictures of the red-haired kid so I immediately predicted it was him. Overall, he seems like an asshole but maybe he is what they need to kill Koro-sensei. (But I don’t want Koro to die. But I don’t want the world to end either.)

Sugino asking to try to kill Koro

Favorite Quote: “Taking your kids seriously is more important than the end of the world.” – Koro-sensei

Due to the ISIS situation involving two Japanese citizens, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu’s broadcast has been delayed and for now, episode reviews will be on hiatus. They will resume when the series does. 



2 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom Episode 2

  1. You can still watch episode 3, it has been leaked in Austrilla and New Zealand or so I heard from someone. Anyways, just go and watch it if you haven’t already. I already did.


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