Kill la Kill Episode 5: Suprisingly Good

Episode description: A mysterious man arrives at Honnouji Academy and quickly proves himself to be more than capable of fighting against a Two-Star Goku Uniform. But when he sets his sights on Ryuko, who will be left standing?

Let me start off by saying that this is probably the best episode of Kill la Kill so far. For once I didn’t find myself complaining about gratuitous fanservice or the unrealistic situations. I accepted them because this episode was surprisingly normal. And for this, I am thankful.

The episode starts off with the arrival of a very interesting looking man. This man, whose name is Tsumugu Kinagase, hates Goku uniforms and despises the Kamui; so much so that his goal is to take Senketsu away from Ryuko.

As an enemy he is quite powerful; Kinagase belongs to the same group as Mikisugi (the teacher). Nudist beach? Or something like that. They make a really clever (hint hint it’s not) pun with the word Nudist and I chuckled. I love puns. Good job Kill la Kill I laughed. (Not really, I’ve laughed before but man, I just love puns) Kinagase uses needles that separate the life fibers from their host. As you can guess this immobilizes Senketsu making Ryuko powerless.

Kinagase is interrupted in his first attempt at getting Ryuko naked. Yes, that’s how he puts it. He very specifically tells her to strip. Once free, Ryuko decides to ignore Senketsu’s warnings about Kinagase. Senketsu is worried about how well they will be able to stand up to him but Ryuko is quite confident. Senketsu even tells Ryuko that her blood has been salty lately. Ryuko continues to ignore warnings until she had been cornered in a girl’s bathroom.

This is where Ryuko gets stripped down to her underwear. Awkward, yes, but for once I’m not upset. Senketsu attempts to protect Ryuko by coming off of her. It was mildly touching. However, in true Kill la Kill fashion, right before Senketsu can be destroyed Mako comes in. Mako gives a riling speech about what it is like to own only one outfit, and we learn that she apparently doesn’t wear a bra (something I could have always lived without knowing). Mako straight up pulls Senketsu out of Kinagase’s needles and gives him back to Ryuko. Ryuko grasps tightly to Senketsu because, well, Mako’s right. Senketsu is all Ryuko really has and it would hurt to lose him.

It was a surprisingly touching seen. Kinagase is stopped by a member of the student council however. One Nonon? Yeah, that’s her name. She runs the school band and is in charge of non-sports activities. By stopping the destruction of Senketsu Nonon has protected the ultimate battle that Satsuki so desires. Kinagase, now having realized the close relationship of Ryuko and Senketsu, saves them and relocates them to the teacher’s office. And then he leaves. I truly wonder if he’ll come back later because he was a mildly interesting character.

I was pleasantly surprised with this episode of Kill la Kill. For once I wasn’t disgusted or completely confused. If the rest of the series goes like this it won’t be too bad however I don’t have high hopes. This is a show built on action, fanservice, and silliness and I don’t honestly expect it to cater to my wants. So I suspect it will go back to its typical fashion and I’ll go back to being confused as I watch it. Either way, this episode was, at the very least, a good, quality episode.

Rating: 4/5


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