Orenchi no Furo Jijou Eps. 11-13 Review

Orenchi no Furo Jijou Episodes 11-13

Ep. 11: The 7 Transformations of my Bathtub Circumstances


In episode 11, Tatsumi gets a raise and offers to get Wakasa something extravagant. In this case, Wakasa wants to try a milk bath. Why anyone would fill their bathtub with milk is beyond me but apparently this isn’t uncommon.

During the milk back, Mikuni shows up, having brought many things he believes can be used in a bath because he thinks Tatsumi will like them. Of course, they aren’t things you really should use in a bath…which depresses Mikuni.

Tatsumi promises to use them and they try various types of baths. Maki-san makes an appearance in this episode as well. He complains a lot but that’s to be expected. Takasu shows up with a ton of alcohol for the bath. Tatsumi is, however, the only one underaged and advises them to be responsible. The smell however makes him pass out, making everyone worry.

Ep. 12: The Circumstances of Wakasa Staying Home Alone

In episode 12, Wakasa was left home alone. He begins to experience extreme fear and paranoia, especially when Tatsumi doesn’t return from work on time.

When he’s decided he can’t handle it any longer and with his thoughts running wild, Wakasa decides to leave the tub because he’s hungry. However, he has already eaten all of the extra food Tatsumi left for him.

Wakasa drags himself across the house but then realizes he doesn’t know how to use a phone. Wakasa tries to return to the tub but slips, hurts himself, and gets really sad that Tatsumi isn’t home. He begins drying out but collapses on the floor.

Tatsumi returns home in the nick of time and returns Wakasa to the tub. Wakasa cries and hugs Tatsumi because he was worried. This episode was very touching and adorable.

At the end, Tatsumi says he got a gift for Wakasa but he can only have it if he promises not to leave the tub, even if he is worried.


Ep. 13: The Circumstances of Wakasa’s Employment

Wakasa becomes worried that he’s a mooch because he can’t/isn’t working. Wakasa decides he wants to work from home but he has no experience.

Tatsumi suggests prize contests and the like. One can send in postcards and surveys to win items. As it turns out, Wakasa can read but he cannot write. It takes 2 hours for him to learn how to write and fill out a bunch of post cards.

Tatsumi sees that the only things Wakasa has circled are meat products. Wakasa learns, in great despair, that he has to wait a month for his prizes and he’s convinced Tatsumi will kick him out. Tatsumi assures him that they’re friends and he helps Wakasa because he wants to.

At the end of the month we learn that wakasa tried hard to win a scarf for Tatsumi, who is very happy with the gift.

I’m a bit sad to see Orenchi end but the end is with everyone together on New Year’s.



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