Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 2: Planet Evil

Zandar from Planet Evil

Episode 2 is here! And it’s extremely late (something I am extremely sorry about and have no excuse for. Please accept my apology). This episode is all about the villains. The villains turn out to be the student council of course. And their plan is so aptly named the Total Conquest of Earth’s Lifeforms Project. This includes the student council president Kinshiro Kusatsu and the other two members, Ibushi Arima and Akoya Gero. They turn into Chevalier Aurite, Argent, and Perlite respectively. They are led by a green hedgehog named Zundar from, get this, Planet Evil. I guess President Kusatsu doesn’t like disorder? It is literally a sin to him and his goal is to enforce rules that force everyone to obey the laws of etiquette and things like that. It’s an interesting little plan for a show that revolves around love. I mean, really, did we expect it to be anything else? Simple will be better, especially if we get good character development with these characters.

Once we get our introduction to the villains we go back to the Earth Defense Club (its fun to read this in a silly voice). Yumoto (the really blond one) has cuddled Wombat to near death and Yufuin (the slightly darker blond one) is still talking about rather pointless things. Today’s topic? Disposable chopsticks. After this rather random conversation we learn that Wombat unintentionally killed the teacher whose body he has been using to get around. Wombat then apparently attempted to fix it by using advanced medicine that is working on his body but in order for it to work Wombat has to remain within a certain distance to the teacher’s corpse. The scene comes to an end with a discussion of what it means to be the Battle Lovers. Yumoto is all for it if Wombat wants him to. The others have their reservations.

We then move to the student council observing the cafeteria. They create the monster of the week from a boy obsessed with symmetry and all things equal. Amusingly his powers are all about unequal things including his aptly named attack, Asymmetry Beam. This causes everyone to be unable to perfectly break their disposable chopsticks, which somehow leads to everyone fighting. Of course the Battle Lover’s won’t stand for this! They come to battle and just like last episode Yumoto, ahem, Scarlet steals the battle with strange lines and the finisher.

This episode was just as entertaining as the first! I can’t wait for the next one with appears to be a Yufuin dedicated episode. I expect character driven episodes for the next few to get us really liking the characters. This series 12 episode count really makes me sad because I know that it could probably have a little more impact with a slightly larger episode count. Either way, see you next episode!

Rating: 3.5/5


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