Kill la Kill Episode 7: Fight Club

Episode description (From CR): After defeating another group of clubs, Ryuko notices her opponents are becoming more and more absurd. Mako points out the reward for beating her is a Three-Star Goku Uniform and a higher quality of life, which prompts Ryuko to come up with a plan.

Surprisingly this episode wasn’t half bad. The thing that is bad? That the story of Kill la Kill just keeps jumping randomly from one thing to another. Everything feels out-of-place and as though nothing that is happening is important to the story. Although I guess technically it is because Ryuko is still defeating club captains, which is the requirement for her next battle with Satsuki.

The episode starts with ‘very specific clubs’ attacking Ryuko. She easily defeats them although she questions why their clubs are super specific. Mako informs Ryuko that the reward for defeating her is a three-star Goku uniform and with this schools system a drastically improved lifestyle. Honestly I would attempt to defeat Ryuko if my home sucked as much as Mako’s did.

Based on this information Ryuko has a brilliant idea. (And for once there’s not even sarcasm in that. It’s legitimately a good idea.) Ryuko decides to create a club to infiltrate the system. Ryuko’s club? The Fight Club. Ryuko is apparently a fan of the movie. However if she had watched it she would know that she shouldn’t be talking about fight club. Starting a club at Honnouji Academy requires a lot of paperwork as well as attendance to some pretty ridiculous meetings. Ryuko dumps the duty on Mako who does it because it will give her family a better life.

One-star housing is impressive. But that’s just not enough as Mako runs the Fight Club so well that they get moved to two-star housing in no time. It is at this point that the family dynamic kinda goes down the drain. Everyone does their own things and Ryuko sits at home sad. Oh ,hey, by the way, Ryuko’s mom is dead and if you were wondering (like I was) she was at a boarding school courtesy of her father. Ryuko truly enjoyed the family dinners and atmosphere of the Mankanshoku family and as it fell apart around her, due to her idea, it did hurt her.

Ryuko did the only thing left. She resigned Fight Club. Mako was terribly upset because she didn’t want to go back to the slums (who would?) and because she too had been blinded with greed. This is where Satsuki gives Mako a two-star Goku uniform. Either Mako beats Ryuko and keeps her life of luxury or she loses and goes back to the slum. Mako chooses to fight. I would just like to say that Mako looks pretty cool with her Goku uniform and honestly fights extremely well for someone, who I assume has never been in a fight. (I’ll ignore this and pretend that her Goku uniform being a representation of the Fight Club has managed to make her a good fighter because that’s what they want me to believe).

Ryuko does not fight Mako. Instead she takes all of her blows without even having Senketsu activated. Mako eventually comes to realize that what she is doing is wrong and everything is hunky-dory all over again. Ryuko gets her family diners and the Mankanshoku family gets to be poor.

Rating: 4/5


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