Orenchi no Furo Jijou Series Review

Orenchi no Furo Jijou Review

Story: 4.5/10
Art/Animation: 9/10
Sound: 6.5/10
Characters: 9/10
Enjoyment: 9/10

Final Score: 7.6/10

Tatsumi is a high school boy who lives by himself; however, a devastatingly handsome merman named Wakasa moves into the bathtub in Tatsumi’s home. Wakasa is a bit self-centered but cute, while Tatsumi is cool but a busybody.

(Source: ANN)



What can I say about Orenchi? I really enjoyed it, that’s a start. Being that Orenchi is based off of 4-panel comics, there isn’t an overall, consistent story. The episodes are short, random little things that basically have a story of their own. Sure, they link together with the characters but overall, there isn’t an overall conflict-resolution plot format for the show. Naturally, this gives story a lower rating, even if I really enjoyed the series.

I found the art to be breath-taking and unique. I really enjoyed the blushing on the shoulders and knees (on Tatsumi) when everyone was in the bath and I found the pastel colors on Wakasa to be delightful. There really isn’t anything that I didn’t like about the art style chosen to bring Orenchi to life. The SD/Chibi forms of the characters were adorable, the animation on the bathwater, hair, and body movements was splendid. It is clear that a lot of time and effort from the art department was put in on Orenchi and thus, it has my praise in this regard.

The art is certainly memorable and while I enjoyed the opening theme, (though it’s ‘edgy’ style didn’t fit) I can’t say that the OST was something I can recall. I rarely noted the music in the back of the episodes. There are some series that have very distinct and memorable soundtracks and I can go on for days listing them. Unfortunately, Orenchi’s soundtrack is not something that I remember well enough to give it a high score.

Characters! I absolutely loved almost all of them. I adore Tatsumi’s apathetic but caring nature. I enjoy Wakasa’s cute naiveté, Mikuni’s sweet personality, Maki’s knack for saying whatever he wanted, and Takasu’s caring but odd nature. I want to say that there isn’t a character I didn’t like, however, this would be wrong. As I stated in previous episode reviews, I did not like Tatsumi’s little sister, Kasumi. At all. I have minor issues with the way Maki is sexualized but not nearly in the ways that I have issues with Kasumi.


Enjoyment received a 9 of 10 because there were two episodes that made me somewhat uncomfortable. Despite those two episodes, I really enjoyed Orenchi. I didn’t find it a chore to watch and it was something that I could easily re-watch for the sake of reviewing. I found myself apt to show it to friends when they were over and I didn’t mind watching the episodes for a third or fourth time. Orenchi was a nice pallet cleanser between a lot of the heavy anime series we watched last season such as Zankyou no Terror and Tokyo Ghoul. Orenchi almost always made me smile, even when I was emotionally wrecked by the other shows. The episodes made me laugh, and occasionally warmed my heart. The art caught my eye and I found myself wishing for more Orenchi when it was over!


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