Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 3 – Super High School Level Magical Boy

This episode of Magical Boys continues us down the path of Yumoto being the only one with a finishing move, not to mention the only one who even confronts the monsters. It is a small point but one I feel I should bring up. At this point there may be five Battle Lovers but only one really does anything. I know, I know, without the others there he wouldn’t be able to do that finisher but still no one else even really attacks.

Anyway, the episode is centered around the Pretty Boy event of Binan High, which is held every month for some reason. During the episode we learn that the student council regularly take all three top spots and last month Ryuu (our pink magical boy) tied with Gero (our pink EVIL magical boy). Gero makes a snide comment to Ryuu about how he’s never won which angers Ryuu. The group of boys decide to help take Ryuu to the top! They put all their resources into figuring out what makes boys popular with other boys.

To this end they determine three qualifiers: Strength, Money, and Big Brother. Yufuin proves strength’s usefulness for popularity, Io proves money’s worth, and Ryuu shows how being a big brother can make you popular. The real question is though, why didn’t Ryuu do all three tasks? If he’s the one you are trying to help win then why did he not do all three? Why only one? And certainly why did the others do their suggestions?

Screw the rules he has green hair AND money!

I guess putting that much thought into the Magical Boys is asking for it not to make sense. So I’ll ignore my perfectly valid points for now. The monster of this week is a teacher who does ballet and wants everyone to love him. Perfect pick for the pretty boy even episode, right? Mr. Kurotori turns into a black swan (Get it? His name is black and bird. Oh the puns.) This black swan forces all to love him, including the Battle Lovers. Well, most of the battle lovers. Yumoto isn’t affected because he “doesn’t know about that stuff.” He then informs the monster that it can’t expect to be loved until he can love himself and promptly defeats the monster.

And while this episode was definitely enjoyable and the comedy was great I still want the other characters to have a finishing move. Only being able to help Yumoto finish a monster off seems pointless. Also giving them finisher moves would help bring them character development, something this show currently lacks. However I expect some character development for Atsushi (the green one) next episode based off of the preview.


2 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 3 – Super High School Level Magical Boy

  1. I loved the episode, but I still don’t get how destroying a table and throwing an eraser out the window makes you the ideal big brother. Then again, after I watched that scene I did want him to take care of me so maybe his tactic does work? XD


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