Assassination Classroom 5: “Language is the key to an affective poisoning.”

This episode, as always, makes me love Koro-sensei more than usual. From him welcoming help from his students to confiscating their snacks because he is living paycheck to paycheck, Koro is one of my favorite characters in this series.

bluekoroAs per usual, Koro encourages his students in an odd way. The first half of this episode focuses on Manami Okuda, who is meek and bad at physical attacks (and anything that isn’t chemistry. She approaches Koro-sensei holding three poisons, asking him politely to drink the poisons. The first poison, sodium hydroxide, is poisonous to humans but merely changes the shape and color of Koro’s head. As it turns out, the other poisons – thallium acetate and aqua regia – also change Koro’s shape and color. The prior makes his head fancier and the latter makes his face and voice blank.

Scolded for making poison without supervision, Koro offers to supervise her and help her create a poison that will work on him. Her homework includes instructions on what to make and how to store it, telling her to bring it to school the next day. When she does, it is revealed the Koro tricked her into making a tonic that will enhance his fluidity and make him faster. The point of Koro’s lesson is that delivering a poison requires a sort of verbal aptitude rather than naïveté. Being able to be tricky and lie is needed when giving someone a poison.

liquidkoroEven Karma laughs, saying that assassination is the least of everyone’s problems, and he is absolutely correct.

Once a month, a class assembly is held at the top of the hill at the main school. During lunchtime, the E class must travel up the mountain and arrive early. Naturally, sensei is left alone at the school and feeling depressed. At the assembly, the E class is made to endure “special treatment” aka bullying from the regular students and staff (all for the sake of encouraging the regular students to keep their grades up).

poorkoroThe regular students begin to grow jealous over the E class’s teachers – the cool Karasuma and the attractive, bitchy beauty that is Irina Jelavic. And lest we not forget, the speedy and friendly Koro-sensei who arrives just in time (in disguise) to deliver hand-copied handouts to his students who were not given any. The regular students become annoyed that E class would have the gull to have fun and laugh during the assembly in which they are normally humiliated.

This anger pushes a few students to approach Nagisa and insult him. Fearing that Nagisa may use the fighting skills he’s learned against the regular students, Karasuma almost intervenes but is stopped by Koro-sensei. Koro tells Karasuma, “None of the students of my classroom, would ever succumb to their levels.” The regular students threaten to kill Nagisa. And if looks could kill, the regular students would be dead just from the look on Nagisa’s face as he tells them that they have never tried to actually kill anyone. This is proof that more than anything, Koro’s students have more motivation and mental strength than the regular students.

The principal seems upset that E class is shoving aside the insults of the normal students and says assassination can wait while he makes changes. This episode made me very anxious about what will happen in the series and what this will mean for the E class and Koro-sensei.


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