Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 4: “I won’t forgive you for making THAT smaller!”

This episode is the “everyone turns younger” episode, which was mildly interesting. The monster of the week was a high school student who looked like an old man. The old man turns into a bishounen villain and causes everyone to turn into kids.

So with this as the theme of the episode, that is being childish, you can guess what our magical boys were up to. Well, besides taking a bath. The obvious option is making fun of Yumoto, the most childish of our main characters. However the others prove to be just as ridiculous. There is even a completely unnecessary scene in the bath where they dump water on themselves and I guess it’s supposed to be fanservice. But, honestly, even as a girl and the target audience for the show, I could have lived without this scene. I’m just not that into those types of fanservice scenes.

Overall, this episode is one that pretty hard to describe but is entertaining all the same. Their escapades as toddlers were adorable, as expected, but describing it is hard. Beyond just these scenes we were also graced with a couple shots of Atsushi and Kinshiro as children. Because guess what, they used to be childhood friends.

Like, wish upon a star with each other childhood friends. It was strange. We do find out what Atsushi wished for (to be a superhero) but not Kinshiro. And that upsets me. I for one am very interested in the villains of this show and would have liked to know more about Kinshiro. But alas, it was not meant to be. Either way, this episode was enjoyable.


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