Assassination Classroom 6: “Why do I get a Naruto headband?”

naruto headbandIn preparation for Midterms, Koro makes even more of himself. Each clone concentrates on various subject that the students must focus on. While this episode starts in a comedic way, it quickly gets worrisome, and opens doors to new questions, when the principal drops in. He mentions that it must be hard for Koro, who was meant to be a savior, to play the villain. What does this mean? Will Koro become a martyr and die for the Earth? Is it bad that I don’t want Koro to die (but I also don’t want the earth destroyed!)?

The principal easily made the school one of the most successful. He mentions that if Koro dies, he will still need the E class to remain the same – serving as an example of what the regular students must not become. Overhearing all of this, and being smiled at, told that his grades are looked forward to by the principal, Nagisa no longer feels like an assassin. He just feels like a regular member of the End class.

The next day Koro becomes upset when the students say that their grades don’t matter because they are the End class. So long as they get the money from killing Koro, they don’t need to have good grades. This makes Koro pissed, to say the least. He makes it clear to everyone that as assassins, they should always have a back-up plan in mind. He tells them that if they don’t make it into the top fifty during midterms, he will leave the school.

Of course, despite a boost of confidence from Koro’s perfect teaching, the scope of subjects on the midterms were changed by the principal. The principal went out of his way to warn and lecture the students of the main school but naturally, E class wasn’t told and almost all of them, except Karma, ended up in the bottom.

The episode ends on a happy note wherein the students, beginning with – you guessed it – Karma make fun of Koro, saying he was scared of being killed and just wanted an excuse to run away.


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