Rolling Girls episode 2: Saving the Day with Vomit


Episode two of Rolling Girls is here and I still have no idea what to think. This episode features the conclusion of last week’s cliffhanger. Or should I say rollercoaster hanger? *badum tss*

Anyway, Masami finally arrives at the amusement park to see that all of the Propellers are in danger of being thrown off of this rollercoaster. Kuniko Shigyou is determined to find out who Maccha Green is, although everybody already knows it’s Masami (Ok, well, minus Nozomi). Masami very strangely refuses to admit it and the rollercoaster starts its journey to death.

Unsurprisingly Masami runs off to change clothes and while she is away we find out that Otonashi (that would be the girl who stands beside Shigyou) never planned to have the Propellers die. However, Shigyou did and very much wants it. She could care less about the Twin Towers Resolution (Is that what it is? its twin towers something). Either way most of the Propellers get blown off of the rollercoaster and live, cause reasons, while Nozomi and Yukina manage to hold on and continue to speed towards death.

Maccha Green just barely stops the runaway rollercoaster before engaging in an all-out battle with Shigyou. This fight takes so many weird turns that I’m just not sure what to say about it. First up we have Maccha Green vomiting up her lunch on Shigyou and managing to turn it into an attack. Then we get some strange past memories of Shigyou’s that barely makes any sense and the show isn’t too eager to explain them to us. Next that giant robot from last episode crashes to the ground (because guess what? It was just a giant balloon) and slams into Shigyou. The rest of the fight fades out as the two continue to destroy the amusement park. And it used to be so lovely too. *sigh*

In between all of this we learn that Masami refused to admit she was Maccha Green, because she was afraid Nozomi would put herself in danger. Nozomi says the smartest thing ever when she asks who would put themselves in between a best fight. I mean these bests destroy everything. No one is just going to walk up and stand in between them. Masami also mentions a time when she pretended to drown. Nozomi’s reaction was to jump in and try to save Masami, however this led to Nozomi’s almost dying. It’s nice that Masami is worried and all but maybe she should have considered not pretending to drown? Like what kind of person, child or not, does that? A dumb one.

Anyway, both Masami and Shigyou end up in the hospital and those charm stone things get confiscated from them. This leads Nozomi to get the crazy idea to go around helping all the people who requested Maccha Green’s help. She starts with a girl who wants to meet at the park. Gas mask girl. Nozomi also picks up a stray and now the four are apparently going on an adventure. Yay.

Rating: 3/5


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