Kill la Kill episode 10: Two for One Day

Episode description (from CR): The second battle against the Elite Four begins! How will Ryuko defeat Houka Inumuta, who is using the data he’s collected to predict her every move? Watching the action, Mako and her family deal with a few surprises of their own!

The losers bench

Ah, Kill la Kill, I may not like you that much but at least your episode have gotten better over time. This episode Ryuko starts her fight with Houka Inumuta, a man we know little about. Inumuta’s past with Satsuki is revealed and it appears he fancied himself a hacker before Satsuki verbally b*tch slapped him. Then he came to Honnouji Academy because hey, it seemed like fun. Inumuta’s battle lasts barely half the episode and ends in the best climax possible: he forfeits for the sake of the DATA! He can’t have all the data being destroyed now can he? Of course not. Iumuta joins Ira Gamagoori over in no star seating with Mako. Mako isn’t quite happy about this but continues to cheer for Ryuko, for herself, for anything really.

With Inumuta out-of-the-way it is time for Nonon another character we know little about. Nonon claims to have a ‘different’ relationship with Satsuki than anyone else perhaps because they’ve known each other since at least kindergarten. The most amusing part of this episode is watching Nonon’s outfit turn into a giant airship with speakers. Yes, speakers.

But no really it turns into an airship that Nonon blares music out of. This music acts as part of her attack because the bass really goes low. Yeah, I just made that lame joke, but hey, what better jokes do I have to make? None-on. Oops there I go again.

Anyway, Nonon manages to not get defeated this episode and we are treated to a cliffhanger ending. Our resident creep, Mikisugi, has also managed to phone a friend this episode. You remember needle guy? Well apparently Mikisugi no longer believes in Ryuko and has decided to tell needle guy that Ryuko might, just maybe, go berserk if she keeps pushing herself like that. But make of this conversation what you will because that’s all the information we get from it.

Also I must say that there is one good part of Kill la Kill—the soundtrack.

Rating: 3.5/5


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