Assassination Classroom 7: “You’re going to be spending the rest of your school vacation…in the hospital.”


Episode 7 is all about a class trip to Kyoto! Well, to be exact, this takes place on the first day of the trip. Everyone is, as expected, excited but Koro-sensei is especially excited. Koro even goes to the trouble of creating super thick tour guides full of seemingly useless information.

For this class trip, the students will still be attempting to assassinate Koro-sensei, who is supposed to follow around the groups randomly. The groups must find assassination friendly routes to go on as there will be government snipers attempting to participate in the assassination as well. Karma, Nagisa, Sugino, Okuda, Kayano, and the plain class idol, Kanzaki all form a group.

Unfortunately, but to no one’s surprise, D class and higher students get to take a bus while the E class has to ride the train. This leads to some trouble when hooligans from a different school target the Kunigoaka students. They steal Kanzaki’s itinerary, which was a very condensed version of the Kyoto guide. They use this to stalk and target Nagisa’s group. Despite Karma fighting back against them, they beat up the boys and kidnap the girls, except Okuda who ran away.

This episode takes a strangely dark turn when the high school boys take the girls to a secluded building and basically threaten to violate them. They also bring up an image from Kanzaki’s past, of her in some promiscuous clothing with fancy hair. As it turns out, she used to escape from her dad’s strict behavior by dressing up and going to gaming arcades where no one knew her. Naturally, her grades fell. When she was once like this. These high schoolers had previously targeted her for kidnapping and this time, they succeeded.


In the nick of time, Karma and the gang show up to kick some butt with Koro-sensei not far behind them. Koro-sensei, overprotective as always, makes sure that the high schoolers regret their actions and together, the group takes down all of the kidnappers.


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