Rolling Girls episode 3: Always Comima and Girls that Steal


The real story of Rolling Girls officially starts this episode. Nozomi has started on her journey to help those who requested help from Maccha Green. Chiaya is her first job and that job is to collect those weird pink stones. In her effort to do this Nozomi decides to go to Tokyo and Yukina as well as Ai decide to come along.

Tokyo is ruled by a group known as Always Comima which is just a bunch of cosplayers that now rule the Tokyo area. Their best is a girl named Thunderoad. Thunderoad has recently lost her peculiar pink stone to a group called Dynamite Bombers and when the people of Always Comima see Chiaya’s they assume it belongs to Thunderoad. The group is quickly arrested and then promptly ignored. Thunderoad pounds them with questions yet ignores the fact that they do not belong to Dynamite Bombers, that they just got into the country, and that the stone they took belongs to Chiaya. As always with this type of thing Thunderoad ignores their pleas of innocence. Nozomi is still able to convince them to let her search for the missing stone saying that maybe Thunderoad just lost it.

Nozomi is given till sunset to find the stone. Surprise, Surprise, they don’t find it. Nozomi does however end up vomiting in the middle of the field, which makes the other girls sick and they all pass out. This is given absolutely no explanation. I have no idea why Nozomi just vomits out of nowhere. But really this isn’t the part that bugs me in the episode.

What really bugs me is Thunderoad. We return to Thunderoad’s side to see her longingly glancing at this statue from a show. She’s been dying to buy it and had wanted to sell her stone to buy the statue. Funny thing is her stone was lost in the afro of the statue and her pet bird manages to pull it out. Thunderoad briefly thinks about how she’s made a mistake before deciding to take both stones to the guy she’s selling her too. And then agrees to sell Chiaya’s stone as well as hers. I hate characters like this. She doesn’t seem like she’s bad but then she just goes and sells Chiaya’s stone, for what? A statue of a guy pulling a rickshaw? Cool. That seems like a good idea. Not. I didn’t like this episode and so far I’m not sure I’ll like anymore that require me to deal with Thunderoad, even if she manages to make up for her actions in this episode.

Rating: 3/5


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