Assassination Classroom 8: “If only he were better behaved”

This time, an assassin, Red Eye, is called in. Koro easily dodges the attempts against him, going so far as to participate in the actor village because he loves that kind of thing and he can dodge quickly.


Red Eye fails three times and decides to go home. He’s dismissed and Koro shows up, offering to treat him to dinner. Red Eye’s assassination attempts have made the trip more enjoyable for Koro. Because of the assassination places, it gave more places for them to be seen. Red Eye quits his assassination to go sightseeing as well.


The second part takes place after the rescue with the group watching Kanzaki play games and the students playing games. Two of the girls are peeping into the bath, where Koro is. They think seeing Koro’s body will help them assassinate him but he escapes without them seeing anything.

Karma says he likes Okuda because she could cook up all kinds of chemicals to amplify his mischief. And it is revealed that Koro-sensei loves gossip.

Professor Bitch tells them to go to bed but says she knows they stay up, she stays in their room, eating snacks and drinking and telling them stories about herself and men she’s seduced until Koro enters, which isn’t far into her story. Cornered by the class, Koro rushes to Karasuma’s room.

It is mentioned that Koro once had hands and feet but neither of them want to approach the subject, as it seems sore for Koro. I can recall mentioning that he had a more human shape in the flashback in episode one.

After the credits, it is show that nations have gathered data and research from several nations and are sending in two special students. By their wording, it seems that these students are false humans.


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