Assassination Classroom Ep. 9: “Do you think that…I’m in a rebellious phase?”

In episode 9, class 3-E gets a new transfer student from Norway. This student, however, takes the form of a large computer packed with artillery inside. The student’s full name is Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery. Seeing as she is a full-fledged student, Koro-sensei is not allowed to harm her. Her adaptive abilities keep her evolving to the point where she even found Koro’s blind spots. Her barrage of bullets (well BBs) is however a pain for the other students. This onslaught, which occurred in all class periods, was disruptive and left a huge clean-up for the other students. Naturally, the other students have troubles adapting to AIFA, going as far as taping her up so that she cannot take out her guns during class.


Later that night, Koro-sensei informs her that it is likely that the students interfered because A) they want to learn and B) if she takes out Koro, Norway will get all of the money. Koro gives the new student a huge, and very expensive, upgrade including software for dealing with her fellow classmates, a full body LCD, as well as software for emotions.

Even so, some classmates are skeptical the next day and others warm up to her. She even promises to hold off on her attacks until she has consent from her classmates. Deciding that Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery (Jiritsu shikō kotei hōdai) is too much to say, she is named ‘Ritsu’ by her classmates!

Unfortunately, Ritsu’s fun school life is cut short by her owners, who change her back. Once changed back, the class and Koro are told that doing upgrades or binding her in any way will be considered harming her and students will have to pay for damages. That being said, Ritsu surprises everyone when she states that she hid away some of the software Koro installed in her, thus defying of her own will.

I know I expressed my concerns over the new transfer students but I really like Ritsu! I cannot wait to see more of her.

I'm not sure what this scene was about...
I’m not sure what this scene was about…

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