Death Parade Episodes 3 & 4

Death Parade episode 3: Rolling Ballade

From FUNimation:
College student Shigeru Miura wakes up in Quindecim, and falls in love at first sight with the woman at the bar. Unable to remember even her own name, the woman asks him to play a game with her, after being assured that it will jog her memory.


Shigeru remembers riding home on the bus from college; the girl remembers nothing. Not even her name. They agree to play the game so that the girl can remember her name. Today’s game is bowling! They get one ball per frame; the balls represent each of their hearts. They are bowling with one another’s hearts and are only allowed one ball per frame, taking turns.

The game between these two is relaxed and friendly and Shigeru makes a bet with the woman that if he wins, she has to go on a date with him. These feelings trigger a memory within her where we see her working at a bowling alley. She remembers that her name is Chisato Miyazaki and that the two of them used to play together before Chisato moved away.

Shigeru remembers being told that something happened to her. He also recalls approaching her on the bus right before they died. The woman also recalls that Chisato is not actually her name. She had plastic surgery to look like Chisato; her name was Mai. On their last ball, they both realize that they are dead.

Surprisingly, Shigeru claims his date. He wants to be together with her up until the last moment.  As the two part ways, both to be reincarnated, part of Mai’s freckled face from prior to surgery is shown

In this episode, Decim tried to make a joke! Woah. Another tragically sweet part of this episode was the date scenes rolling during the credits.

Episode 4: Death Arcade

DP4Description from FUNi:TV personality Misaki Tachibana is convinced that she is in Quindecim as part of a hidden-camera TV show, and enlists her counterpart, Yousuke Tateishi, to help her liven the show up. Decim takes measures to ensure extreme conditions for the contestants.

Misaki Tachibana, someone who is rather full of herself, is convinced that she is on a hidden camera show. The only memory she remembers is her manager hiding something.

The game chosen for Yosuke and Misaki is an arcade game entitled Battle of Life. The first player to win to rounds of the game will be considered the winner of the overall game. Their characters and moves, of course, are based on themselves.

Win Yosuke wins the first round, Misaki regains memories of an early pregnancy and a life of abuse from significant others. In the second round, when Misaki wins, it is revealed that Yosuke’s mom had wished he was never born and that his parents divorced.

Interestingly enough, Decim used a “device” that would aid in their judgement. This device is used when Yosuke begins winning the second game round, despite saying that he would let Misaki win. This device made the top of his joystick pop off. It was a rather cheap trick but it was necessary in creating an extreme condition to bring up their memories.

Decim reveals that they are not on a hidden camera show. Misaki, naturally, has a fit but it is pointed out that she has never had fairness in her life. In the game, at a desperate moment, Misaki’s kids show up (in the game) but Decim breaks her controller as well. In a fit of rage, Misaki begins bashing Yosuke’s head into the game. Onna, naturally, isn’t happy with this.

When Yosuke won’t wake up, Decim ignores Misaki’s requests to call for help. He tells her that she must complete the game. Misaki gives in and begins finishing the game while Yosuke remembers his past. He remembers his stepmom wanting to be known as his mom and her also crying over him when he jumped from a window. Misaki was even to the point of abusing her manager, who retaliated by strangling her to death. The game ends in a double knock-out.

Misaki is miserable because she tried so hard for her five kids, despite her selfish ways. And Yosuke feels regret over not seeing his stepmom as his mom. He holds them both, telling them they did the best they could. Honestly, for whatever reason, this part of the episode nearly made me cry.

Yosuke is sent for reincarnation and Misaki is sent to the void.


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