Rolling Girls episode 4: Culprits Everywhere

rolling4aLike I said, regardless of what Thunderoad does this episode, I won’t forgive her. I don’t really care about her reasons. She effectively stole something in order to buy a statue. That said she obviously gets the stone back after feeling bad about the entire misunderstanding.

As for Nozomi and the others, the mysterious girl takes them back to her home. Her home happens to be a bike shop that specializes in repainting abandoned bikes and using them for sightseers. In the course of their arrival we learn that Yukina once passed out and was helped by this same family. Yukina was definitely telling the truth when she said she passes out a lot. There was a very interesting comment made by Noriko (the girl who is helping Nozomi and friends). She mentioned that Yukina, not only looks different, but seems gloomier now. This begs the question of what exactly happened to Yukina and spurred her traveling.

All the while Thunderoad has gotten Chiaya’s stone back and subsequently lost it after she drops it and it gets picked up by a roomba. Thunderoad seeks help from the people she wrongfully imprisoned to help find the stone she took from them and then lost. Thunderoad seems legitimately upset about losing the stone but I don’t feel any sympathy since she attempted to sell it.

But of course all of this couldn’t possibly be enough for the story so at the same time a group of people from Higashi Murayama let loose a special roomba, created by Takumi, to scare everyone. However shortly before it goes off the group learns that it is filled with live explosives and will definitely kill people if it detonates. They turn themselves in and a high stakes situation is created. Thunderoad is able to destroy the bomb, but only with the help of Chiaya’s stone, which by the way enhance your capabilities. After all the fuss Chiaya gets the stone back and the Dynamite Bombers are caught, right?

Well, not exactly. As it turns out Noriko is the dynamite bombers. Yep, a subordinate of Thunderoads was behind it all, right? Well, not exactly. As fate would have it an unexploded bomb went off in the city six months ago, a fact Noriko decided to cover up by writing a fake letter claiming to be the Dynamite Bombers. But why would she go to all the trouble? Because she didn’t want Thunderoad to retire. Noriko gets her wish as Thunderoad decides that she will stay with the group but give up the position of best, one she passes on to Noriko as punishment for lying. Yeah, that’s a good one. You lied to everyone so I’m going to make you the leader. Thunderoad is now 0/2 in good decisions.

Chiaya decides that Noriko would benefit from her stone more than she would and passes it on, even though everything was just done to get it back. Yay. Now it’s gone again. If this keeps up Nozomi is going to have a hard time fulfilling Chiaya’s request to collect those stones. And that resolves this episodes conflict! All that’s left is Chiaya’s phone call to her mom where she informs her that she will not be returning anytime soon, the realization that the Maccha Green requests were all being paid with mystery stones, and talk of a band called Momiham(?). I don’t know what the significance of Momiham is but hey, it was there.

Rating: 3.5/5


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