Rolling Girls episode 5: More Explosions

Tomoki and Himeko

As it is the start of a new arc we are introduced to a new country in today’s episode of Rolling Girls. This country does not have a name as it is actually two places in the middle of becoming one country. However the two places, Aichi and Mie, got stuck along the way and their vigilante groups are now in an interesting state of conflict over the country.

The main characters of this arc include Himeko, Tomoki, Dandy, and Mamoru. Himeko is a girl who has recently returned to Aichi after having traveled for five years. It is revealed that Himeko was once in Tokorozawa and is the one responsible for turning Masami’s Moonlight Stone into a heart with the feather motif. Her father, Mamoru, builds Sachihoko for a living. Sachihoko are this carp things that sit on top of houses. They don’t seem to get along anymore although both seem to want to make up. At the beginning of the episode all the Sachihoko in town explode giving Mamoru a lot of work. Mamoru swears however that his right arm lacks feeling and he isn’t up t the task. Himeko doesn’t believe him and the two get in a fight when she sees Mamoru’s arm working fine.

Tomoki and Dandy are the vigilante squad captains and the first male bests we’ve seen. Dandy runs a restaurant as well as the vigilante squad and offers to let the girls stay in the back room. Tomoki runs the Mie Motors vigilante squad as well as a bike taxi service. Tomoki is all about peace although his subordinates would really just like to have one good fight with Aichi and settle the matter once and for all.

This arc seems more promising than the last one. There is a relationship between Tomoki and Himeko that has yet to be explored and looks promising. There’s also the fact that Himeko appears to hate Sachihoko, though we don’t know why yet. I also like the look of this country more than the previous. It’s full of bike races and weird restaurants and a fun atmosphere. There’s also this scene at the end where Chiaya turns into an octopus for some reason. So, I definitely can’t wait to see the explanation for that.

Rating: 4/5


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