Assassination Classroom Ep. 10: “You Octoperv!”


The episode opens with Irina trying to teach the difference between L’s and R’s. I’m not sure why this important; probably just to prove that she’s actually being a decent teacher now. As per usual though, her lessons only have to do with conversation about things middle-schoolers maybe shouldn’t be learning. And her threat to French kiss the students who mess up L’s and R’s just begs for them to mess up.

Lovro, Irina’s teacher, arrives at the school. He basically tells her that because her identity is revealed, she has no place as an assassin. Koro shows up, and agrees that Irina is a crap assassin but a good teacher. He tells Lovro and her to try and “kill” Mr. Karasuma. I’d also like to point out that Karasuma has taken to nicknaming Koro “Gameshow.” Also, Koro says that if Karasuma evades assassination, he will stand still for one second and let Karasuma try to kill him.

Karasuma is extraordinarily attractive in this episode as he evades assassination with a cold attitude abd sharp wit. Though, let’s be real, it’d be hard to outwit him. After a clever trap and a good deal of effort, Karasuma allows Irina to win and “assassinate him,” thinking that Koro wouldn’t hold up on his end of the deal. As it turns out, he had prepared armor just in case.


In the second half, Nagisa and Karma ask to be taken to the movie Sonic Ninja in America. Ritsu, who has hacked her way onto everyone’s mobile phones (in this case Nagisa’s) asks to come along as well.

Koro gives them a lecture mid-air on the way to Hawaii. If you’re worried about them not understanding the movie, don’t worry – they both have good English grades AND if they put Koro’s tentacle in their ear he can translate for them. Also, apparently Koro cries about clichéd scenes in movies.

The second transfer student, who thinks he is Koro’s brother, is revealed as well to be watching them. He is also able to follow Koro with his eyes. As always, just when the students are getting more comfortable and more hesitant about killing Koro, a new assassin shows up. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I just really enjoy Koro’s caring ways and I do not want him to die. But as I’ve stated previously, I wouldn’t want the Earth to be destroyed either.

Who knows where this series is going, or how it will end (considering the manga is still being published). I certainly don’t have any clues! As always, I am waiting for the next episode excitedly.



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