Death Parade Episodes 5 & 6


Episode 5 of Death Parade is a rather interesting one. The episode begins with the images and narration of a children’s story book. If one has paid close attention throughout the series, one will find that this is not only the book we see Nona reading at the end of episodes but also the characters are the dolls held be Onna in the opening animation.

The story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl at first sight and falls in the ice, only to be saved by her, appears to be an odd dream that we see Onna having. At first, the audience may think that this is some sort of hint to one of the bar’s guests, a little boy. However, there is a bigger picture in this episode. As it turns out, the two guests in episode 6 are not what the seem. In fact, the middle-aged man is a puppet infused with memories and the little boy is another arbiter by the name of Ginti. (Remember the guy who rips his shirt off in the OP? Yup. That’s him.)

Alot happens in this episode including Ginti expressing his dislike of Decim, Decim’s arbiter skills being tested, Nona kicking the crap out of Ginti, and the big reveal of Onna’s past. I had some suspicions about Onna and I was happy to know that I was correct on what role she played. Onna was a rare type of ‘guest’ who arrived with all of her memories as well as the knowledge of her being dead. Because of this, they weren’t able to coax her into playing the game, thus delaying her judgement for, as stated previously in episode 2, a three-month period. Her memories were erased and it is hinted at that the girl in the storybook, who was revealed to be deaf, may be Onna (but this is just my theory).

It makes sense for Onna to be a regular human, considering the morals she shows throughout the show so far. She is able to see into one’s character and know when something is too cruel. Another interesting thing I spotted was that there appeared to be an ice skating dress in Onna’s closet, amongst only black blazers. I am sure this has something to do with her past, the storybook, and her death and I am very excited to see what happens next.


Episode 6: Cross Heart Attack

Description (from FUNi): A high-school girl named Mayu arrives at a Japanese-style bar being tended by Ginti. He demands that she play a game against the man in the bar, who she instantly recognizes as Harada, of the boy idol band C.H.A, and she eagerly accepts.

I believe it is interesting that we see Mayu in the opening theme of the anime; which means she will be sticking around.

In this episode, Mayu and musician/idol Harada face off in a deadly game of twister. Mayu is an overbearing fangirl who doesn’t get a long with Ginti. Harada thinks of Mayu is too flashy and not very cute. The game starts as any game of Twister would — with the two competitors practically learning to be contortionists. Unlike the slightly more detailed explanations Decim gives, Ginto explains very little about the game. The magazine Ginti is shown to be reading states that Harada had slept with a ton of women. Mayu is disgustingly in bliss by all the weird positions that Twister puts them in. After some time, Mayu complains about her arms hurting and that she needs to use the bathroom.

Finally Ginti explains that the loser will not leave unscathed. He also has a device that interferes with the game, causing symbols to appear on the dots. The game is stepped up by the different symbols causing different actions. The red dots cause the board to become hot, green causes an extreme amount of wind, blue makes it freezing cold, and yellow causes the rest of the platform to drop, revealing spikes below. Ginti’s games are seemingly a lot more intense and cruel. Harada decides he wants to push Mayu off of the platform and onto the spikes. However, because of her full bladder, Mayu drops out of the game so that she does not pee herself in front of her idol. Mayu admits to being a fan of his no matter what. Harada feels a great deal of guilt when Mayu tries to “die” because one of the women he had dated, killed herself after they broke up.

Deciding not to let someone else die because of him, Harada decides to grab Mayu as she jumps off. Naturally, Harada’s hand slips and Mayu falls. As she is falling, Mayu recalls that she was so excited about her favorite band, Harada’s band, that she slipped and fell on a soap, causing her demise. On the other hand, Harada was killed by the bomb of the sister of the woman who killed herself.The spikes below the board turn out to be fake and collapse into some sort of goo or cushion. Mayu, however, is embarrassed as she peed herself. Near the end of the episode, we see Mayu changed into traditional Japanese clothing and Harada decides that she is cute/attractive after all when she looks refined.

The episode ends with a concert from Harada and Mayu in front of the Arbiters. We don’t get to see who goes where in this episode and it felt a bit like a filler but it was still an enjoyable episode.


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