Kill la Kill episodes 13 & 14: Two For One Special

Episode Description (from CR) – Honnouji Academy is mobilizing for the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip! But after her recent rampage, Ryuko is moping in bed, unwilling to fight. However, Shinjiro Nagita, formerly with the Newspaper Club, is determined to get her back into uniform!

The Tri-City raid is about to begin and Ryuko is lying in bed doing nothing. She could be messing up Satsuki’s plans but no, she’s lying in bed worried about putting Senketsu on and turning into Ryumbie again (Personally I would enjoy this turn of events, but if Ryuko’s not up for that I’ll deal).

To Ryuko’s rescue is Shinjiro Nagita a boy from the Newspaper Club who is determined to stand against Satsuki. However, Ryuko is just not feeling it. Ryuko doesn’t fight Satsuki to benefit the masses, just herself. I guess I’ll give her credit for being truthful. I wouldn’t say that Ryuko’s view of herself is accurate though. While she may not being doing this for others she also doesn’t like watching people get hurt and soon runs to save Shinjiro Nagita.

Shinjiro Nagita isn’t a real student though. Obviously it’s Nui Harime. Because she hasn’t already over stayed her welcome. Nui quickly takes Ryuko down and cuts Senketsu into lots of different pieces. That’s the end of the show right? RIGHT? No? I guess we’ll move to episode 14 then.

Episode Description (from CR) – The Tri-City Schools Raid Trip has commenced! The three-pronged attack on the Kansai region is off to an interesting start, with some unusual defenses to overcome. But what part will Ryuko be able to play, with Senketsu in the hands of the enemy?

Today is the start of the Tri-City raid. This is where we all pretend Satsuki is Dr. Doofenshmirtz and is currently attempting to take over the tri-state area. We can all guess the results of this raid. Satsuki sends Nonon, Gamagoori, and Sanageyama to deal with the schools while Inumuta blocks the information channels and acts as back up.

Things go mostly according to plan, except for Ryuko. Ryuko awoke in Mikisugi’s room for like the millionth time. Ryuko learns the fate of Senketsu, whose pieces have been stitched into the Goku uniforms in the raid. However his consciousness is still alive in his scarf that Ryuko managed to hold on to. Ryuko changes into her best outfit yet (I’m serious, it’s cute) and sets out to get all of Senketsu’s pieces back.

Ryuko manages to get most of the pieces back and find Mako. Mako, who was forced on the raid trip as punishment. Luckily Mako got stranded in Osaka, a place where this crazy guy made his own money and used it as ammo. She quickly collected the ammo money and used it to fund a sightseeing trip in the city even as it burned down.

Combined rating: 3/5


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