Death Parade Episode 7: Alcohol Poisoning

Description from FUNi:
When the black-haired woman stumbles upon a picture book, she asks Decim about it, and he tells her that it might belong to Quin, Quindecim’s previous bartender. Decim reveals the reasons why he spends so much time putting together mannequins.


In the beginning of this episode, we see the old man explaining the roles of the arbiters as well as the fact that they cannot die nor can they feel emotion “for they are dummies.”

Onna yet again awakens from the same dream. While she is exploring, Onna finds the picturebook, Chavvot and recalls a woman, presumably her mother, reading it to her as a child. Onna realizes because of this, that she is dead.

In this episode, we also get to meet Quindecim’s former arbiter, Quin. Decim’s name derives from the other half name of the bar. In a flashback, we are shown the meeting between Quin and Decim. In said flashback, two players are seen playing billiards, much like in Parade’s predecessor, Death Billiards. Both Ginti and Decim are given devices to interfere with the game and Decim is shown to hesitate.

Decim states his respect for humans who lived fulfilled lives. Not knowing what the players were actually thinking, Nona states that Decim must create extreme circumstances to draw out the darkness to judge them, even if it seems cruel. Quin tells Decim to find something that he treasures.
When Onna, in the present, asks what it is that Decim treasures, she is shown the mannequins he makes. The souls of the guests are actually stored in the dummies; once their souls have been judged, the dummies return to their previous state. Instead of throwing them away, Decim collects them. He created dummies of the guests so they are not forgotten.

Mayu returns in this episode, or rather, she hasn’t left. Much to Ginti’s dismay, she has messed up his judgement and his cat has warmed up to her.

A particular interesting point of this episode is when it is revealed that either Decim is an arbiter implanted with human emotions. Nona expresses interest in seeing an arbiter use human emotion to judge guests.

The episode comes to a close with the old man discovering that Nona has “sent for” a book she enjoyed from the human world (Chavvot). And also, Nona asks that two special guests be sent to Decim.


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