Episode 11 – Transfer Student Time/2nd Period: It was tentacles all along!


A mysterious transfer student arrives…Again! This particular student smashes through the wall, claiming to have “won” against it. What a weirdo. His name is Itona Horibe; he is introduced by a man in white named Shiro. He also claims to be Koro-sensei’s brother by blood; whatever that means. Shiro affirms that. And it’s revealed that Itona has the same taste in magazines and sweets.

A desk ring is formed; the first to step out faces instant death but also if Itona hurts the students, he loses. When Itona reveals that his hair as tentacles and removes one of Koro’s arms, Koro appears pissed by the other having tentacles. Shiro also aids in the attacks against Koro, which I think is cheating, and they destroy Koro’s legs. Koro takes Nagisa’s knife, destroys the other’s tentacles, and throws him out the window, only after wrapping him in the skin Koro shed.

Itona is not moved my Koro’s welcome and goes off the hook, only to be knocked unconscious and taken away by Shiro. Shiro mentions that March is around the corner and that makes me curious as to where the series is heading. Will we get to March and other things will happen that prolong the plot? After all, the manga hasn’t ended.

When asked why Koro is there and why he was created, he says the only way they will learn is to kill him. As such, the students approach Karasuma asking him for more training in assassination. There’s a moment where they admit to wanting to kill Koro together? I think this is supposed to be a touching scene. I think it is great for the students to want to work together and I know it’s great that they want to assassinate Koro by their own hands. In a way, I believe they want to repay Koro for all he’s done for them. Maybe there is an understanding that Koro wants them to? I’m not really sure


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