Rolling Girls Episode 6: A Motorcycle and a Jumbo Fried Shrimp

It’s time for The Rolling Girls! (Who should have rolled in earlier this week but since I suck, it’s coming out now. I’m sorry) This episode starts right where the last one left off with Himeko and Tomoki having been dragged into a restaurant. The two act all shy around each other as they catch up. We are granted the scene where Tomoki gives Himeko his stone, The Star of the Circuit. We also learn that Himeko had a stone, named something like Shachihoko Stone, I think. The two basically traded. Tomoki really did send the message to Maccha Green asking for help though as he dislikes the fighting between Old Mie and Old Aichi.

As for our main characters, Chiaya shows back up as a person. The show ignores explaining why she turned into an octopus and frankly I’m not okay with that. I would quite like an explanation as to why a character randomly turns into an octopus. Still while Chiaya has returned the same could not be said for Yukina who mistook an old guy for Nozomi.

Nozomi wants nothing more than to find Yukina quickly but they get distracted as the fight from last episode actually occurs and end with members of the vigilante squads being hurt. Tomoki is upset at his group but Dandy assures him that both parties are at fault. Still the fight is all it takes for Dandy to finally agree to the race between them. Tomoki is still on the fence however and eventually signs off through a crafty trick of his subordinates.

This is the part in the episode where antics typically ensue and you won’t be disappointed. This episode the girls try their hand at making Shachihoko in place of Himeko. After they fail quite spectacularly Himeko arrives to show them up. The race begins during all of this fuss pitting Dandy against the Mie Motor’s vice-captain. You know that guy who always revs his engine when he talks? That guy.

At the start of the race everything is preceding normal that is until everyone realizes who is racing. It turns out that Dandy is actually a retired racer, a very famous retired racer. At the revelation of this truth Tomoki manages to get his crew to untie him and he gets right in the middle of the race. The two soon leave behind the vice-captain but he isn’t going down without a fight. And by fight I mean missiles. He shoots them with missiles. The race finishes with some ridiculous shots and blows and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. It may be ridiculous but hey, that’s just the world this show has made for us and anything less would be disappointing. I hope the next episode gives us a mild conclusion for this arc as it has been a great improvement over Thunderoad.

Rating: 4/5


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