Rolling Girls episode 7: “Deer sure like her, don’t they?”

Space Dandy dat you?
Space Dandy dat you?

So there wasn’t any extra conclusion for the last arc but they did mention that Nozomi gave the stone back. She gave up the reward because it felt like the stone was really important. That said Nozomi has basically forgotten that they were supposed to collect the stones for Chiaya. Chiaya on the other hand is determined to keep them away from the stones. Why? Because Ai has said that the only reason she’s there is to get a stone and become a best. Chiaya doesn’t want that and spends the entire episode trying to keep them away from the stones.

Throughout all this the girls manage to get to Kyoto, a place where the stones are considered unlucky and yet are extremely common. One of the squad members mentioned that after a good concert they rain down. They rain down. In the other regions these things are so rare that if you see one you assume you know who it belongs to. Here? Here they’re considered liter and you need to put them in a special box made to collect them.

The group is here to assist the vigilante squad Kamagawa Rockers to help keep their rock festival safe. However before the girls even get to talk to the groups captain she is kidnapped by a group of criminals known as Shuten. Due to a lot of misunderstandings the Kamagawa Rockers are under the impression that the girls are also bests. It’s quite laughable especially when they all end up tripping over themselves during the fight to get the captain back. The fight would have ended in total disaster but, lucky for Nozomi, the captain of another vigilante squad shows up. The vigilante squad, Maikos, We Are, protect the Kyoto castle and operate separately from the Kamagawa Rockers. Mamechiyo, the squad captain, attempts to rescue the other but fails. We learn at this point that two groups don’t get along and that Mamechiyo has a tendency to harass the other captain.

We have yet to get a reason for their strange behavior towards each other but I hope it gets explored next episode. This show has a tendency to put plot points out there and then fails to truly deliver. It’s still quite interesting but what it doesn’t explain or cover bugs me whenever I think about it.

Now I think it’s time I talked about the broadcast dub. The main cast of this show is good but this episode proved to be quite interesting, and hard to watch, in English. That’s because the people of Kyoto all have what sounds to me to be a British accent. I doubt that’s what they were going for but that’s what it comes off as. Or maybe it was what they wanted. Either way it’s really weird and hard to watch, in my opinion. People in Kyoto do have accents compared to the standard Japanese we hear in anime but I think this is the first time I’ve heard it played up like this in English. Every Kyoto character has this accent and it is quite distracting.

Rating: 3.5/5


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