Death Parade Episode 8: Death Rally

Description from FUNi: Prior to the arrival of a pair of guests–a police detective and young man raising his sister–Decim wonders if there has been a mistake, since the memories he has received are those of a killer. But despite his protestations, Nona prods him to continue.

The two men, one older and one younger, arrive at the bar. Both parties only recall that they were going somewhere. When they split up in an attempt to find the exit, the younger man finds a bloody knife in his bag.

The older man is revealed to be a detective. Tatsumi is the older man; the younger is Shimada. The game chosen for these two is air hockey. As one would expect, the pucks are connected to organs in the players’ bodies.

When he was still young, Shimada lost both of his parents and took care of his younger sister, Sae. As for Tatsumi, he recalls that he found his wife was murdered in his home. After recalling how hard he worked, Tatsumi steps up his game and gets more serious. Shimada then remembers coming home to find that his sister had been assaulted by a stalker.

Both men then become more determined to win the game and leave. The game’s stakes are raised when they are told that for every puck scored, it will cause pain to the other player. Before the credits, Both men admit to being after revenge for their loved ones. When Onna is given the chance to receive memories, she discovers that both men are murderers.


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