Assassination Classroom Ep. 12: Ball Game Tournament Time

Assassination Classroom Ep. 12: Ball Game Tournament Time

Description from FUNi: The E Class boys must play the Baseball Club in an exhibition game meant to humiliate them. Can Koro Sensei’s unique coaching style make a difference?


So, apparently, Kunugigoaka holds this tournament every year. It’s a baseball tournament between classes A, B, C, and D. “But wait? What about E class?” Oh, it is okay, every year E class plays in an “exhibition round” at the end against the baseball team. For the record, the girls must play (get pummeled by) the girls’ basketball game. Naturally, until this year, the E class got flattened right away.
However, with this year, E class has Koro. The E class starts out on top, bunting each ball and running rather quickly from base to base. That is, until the principal shows up, and to no one’s surprise, gives the regular students a bit of encouragement. This quickly turns around the game and makes things difficult on E class.
Even so, Karma taunts the other kids, bringing up their cheating tactics. As such, the E class uses the same tactics and the game ends with our charming assassins on top!
Sadly, there’s no quote for the title of this episode as I neglected to write one down. This episode may seem like filler to some or as if it is veering off course but, I rather enjoyed the episode. This episode was important in showing the E class’s growth under Koro-sensei as well as a triumph against the principal and regular classes.

Favorite part of this episode? Probably Karma walking with his baseball glove on his head?

Least favorite part? I think it is going to take a lot to get used to the new opening. It isn’t bad but I really liked the first opening.


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