Death Parade Episode 9: Death Counter

As the two contestants continue their game, Shimada is surprised to learn that Detective Tatsumi is sympathetic to his desire for revenge against his sister’s attacker. The black-haired woman is troubled by how far Decim is willing to go.

Shimada seems to be the first to remember having actually killed someone and how this connects to the knife in his bag. Though it was not explicitly stated, one of the guys who Shimada killed “watched” and there was another who hurt his sister. It is also revealed that Shimada has one more person he intends to kill.

Tatsumi encourages Shimada to finish the game, even when he doesn’t want to because if he wins, the appropriate number of points will be reached and the game will be over. After coaxing, Shimada scores the last puck and Tatsumi recalls that the man he was looking for to kill, was already dead. Now, you’d have to be blatantly ignoring the screen to realize that this is the same guy that Shimada is scene stabbing repeatedly before.

To no one’s surprise, or at least not mine, Shimada was the one who stabbed Tatsumi. Believing that the person who entered the man’s home was the other man who hurt his sister, Shimada killed Tatsumi. The one that was claimed to be watching, was in fact, Tatsumi who was monitoring Sae’s attacker, leading her to believe that a “friend of his” watched.

Onna interupts the final moment of judgement and confronts Decim about his way of doing things. Somehow, the look of hurt on Decim’s is hard to watch. As is watching Onna desperately try to stop Shimada from his chance to inflict pain on Tatsumi. She even goes far enough to tell him that he has a chance to be reincarnated and see his sister again.

when the credits roll, we have to see the hardships Shimada has faced in taking care of his sister on his own and he chooses to inflict pain upon Tatsumi, claiming that he will protect his sister no matter the cost. Which, is touching but depressing nonetheless.

Lost in thought and not knowing what to do, Decim is faced with an emotional Onna.

Sorry for the long description, this episode just had a lot happening in it. I really enjoyed the episode and as always, I am curious to see where it decides to go. I know at this point, the series is over but I am still behind everyone, haha.



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