Rolling Girls Episode 8: A Sound Resolution

Today’s episode features the second half of the Kyoto journey. I was actually impressed because this is the first arc that I feel was truly wrapped up.

Things start with the safe return of Misa, who was only captured to provide entertainment. As Misa talks to the girls Mamechiyo decides to spy. Spying isn’t enough though as she quickly storms up and stares Misa down. That’s it. She stares. Yep. Then she gets flustered when Chiaya talks to her and runs away. She’s a brave one, that girl.

Eventually we find out that Mamechiyo and Misa used to be friends having bonded over the guitar. Their previous bond (and lack of one now) leads Mamechiyo to steal Misa’s pick. The girls freak and try to look for it. It is during this time that we learn Mamechiyo’s mother was concerned about Misa leading Mamechiyo away from her duty as a Geisha and warned Misa. Misa took this warning to heart and completely avoided Mamechiyo. Mamechiyo understands that if this had not happened she would be a weak hearted Geisha. As it as she used to think about running away but has since embraced her life. Still Mamechiyo is quite sad that the two are no longer friends. Ai aptly tells her that friends fight, so make up.

I don’t think resolving their differences was ever something Mamechiyo thought of. I won’t say she stupid but sometimes it appears she has trouble realizing the obvious. So she heads on over to apologize to Misa.


Remember Shoten? Yeah so he decided that he was going to use a canon and destroy the stage. However a careless comment from Mamechiyo made him believe his plan was boring so it ends up being more like a terrifying fireworks show. Momiyama (the guy following Chiaya) attempts to stop the missiles. He almost succeeds however Ai unintentionally sets off the back up switch.

The one thing I didn’t quite get with this episode was that when the missiles neared the stage canons came out. Did they have some sort of automatic system? Misa seemed surprised by the canons so I don’t think that’s it. Did Shuten do this when he decided to do fireworks? Maybe.

So the two sides hit each other and huge fireworks come out. Amidst this ridiculous setting Misa manages to perform only after Mamechiyo returns her pick and the two apologize to each other. They then perform together and it’s a nice happy ending. It’s also a pretty good song. Speaking of which they dubbed the song in the Broadcast Dub and I was impressed with Brina Palencia’s singing. (Ok, well I assume it’s her because she voices the character and it sounds like her)

Rating: 4/5


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