Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 1

We have decided that we are going to change our review style for currently airing anime. This season we have decided to do a weekly update type. There may be a few shows that get a normal episode by episode release but in general this is how we will be doing it. Generally these will be uploaded on Sunday with one post by me and one post by Alyssa. The shows we watched will be listed as well as a paragraph or two of our feelings. Generally we watch the same shows but one of us may pick up an airing show at any time so things could change. Now that I’ve explained it let’s get going!

Plastic Memories Episodes 1 & 2

Plastic Memories is a story revolving around Tsukasa, a new employee at SAI Corp, and Isla, a new age robot known as a Giftia. Tsukasa works in the Terminal Service department of SAI Corp which specializes in retrieving Giftia that have met their service date (at this point their memories basically disappear). Tsukasa takes the job because he lacks options for anything else. Isla is a Giftia in the department that is assigned to work with him. Isla believes that they are in the business of ripping apart memories and this show doesn’t hold back. You watch the workers of the Terminal Service department ruin people’s lives by taking these androids away from families that love them. It is a heartbreaking experience but one I enjoyed watching. Why? Because it happens to be the style of show that gives you a new perspective. I can’t wait to watch Tsukasa and Isla as their relationship progresses throughout the show.

Kyoukai no Rinne Episodes 1 & 2

Rinne is the newest work by Rumiko Takahashi (the creator of Inuyasha and Ranma ½). The show is about a girl named Sakura who becomes entangled in the life of Rinne Rokudou, a shinigami-human like thing, who helps spirits cross to the other side. This show screams Rumiko and I love it. The comedy is over the top and hilarious yet the show still manages to hold a sense of seriousness. The first two episodes are creating the setting for what I hope will be a pretty good episodic anime. I definitely recommend this to people who have previously enjoyed a Rumiko work or comedy.

Show By Rock!! Episodes 1 & 2

Show By Rock!! was…interesting. It was this mix of strange CGI and music and confusion. And yet I loved it. The story is still being set up and things are still kind of odd but overall I love the bright colors, the character designs, and definitely the music. If you’re going to watch it beware of the CGI. I don’t hate, in fact I think it’s pretty good for CGI. That said it moves very randomly from CGI scenes and regular scenes. This factor will take some getting used to but I still enjoyed it.

My Love Story!! Episodes 1 & 2

Ah, My Love Story!!, what to say about you. This story is seriously ridiculous. It’s basically a really strange Rom-Com. Our main character is Takeo Gouda, the big guy. His love interest is Rinko Yamato, the cute girl in the middle. The other guy? That’s Makoto Sunakawa. He’s Takeo’s best friend. The entire premise is that Rinko likes Takeo despite his crazy size and behavior. Takeo thinks Rinko likes Makoto. Hijinks ensue. It’s great.

Seraph of the End Episodes 1 & 2

So this show is going to destroy me. I can just feel it. I mean did you see that ridiculous first episode? It was like being punched in the gut. And then immediately the second episode spoils you on obvious future episodes by showing you that the kid isn’t dead. Like, why would you do that? Please stop spoiling me. I wanted to not know the pain that’s coming up. Either way I think it’s off to a good start and would definitely recommend it.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Episodes 1 & 2

So, I’ll be honest. I don’t like Yuki Nagato that much. With this in mind it becomes obvious why this show isn’t doing anything for me. I feel like Yuki’s character has been changed too much. They made her really dumb when she was quite smart before. I also dislike the way they have drawn Kyon. It’s like his hair isn’t long enough. The rest of the cast looks great, Mikuru especially. Her character is already more enjoyable here than I felt it ever was in the original. Also why doesn’t Mikuru have her own spin-off?

Food Wars Episode 1

So, Food Wars. Yeah, I guess I watched it. Food Wars this crazy mixture of fanservice…and food. Yeah. It’s weird. There’s just a lot of random people’s clothing just come off after that eat food. Yeah. I thought it was ridiculous too. But hey it was kinda fun. Kinda.


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