Assassination Classroom Episode 13: Talent Time


A man named Akira Takaoka comes from the Ministry of Defense to assist Karasuma. He seems very laid-back and sweet. However, because he’s from the Ministry of Defense, I immediately didn’t trust him. Akira lures the students in with sweets and then uses fear and violence to try and train them. Koro-sensei gets pissed with a capital P but cannot do anything and asks Karasuma to take back over. When it comes time for Karasuma to step in, Akira states that he may choose one student to attack him, with a real knife. If the student so much as touches him with the knife, he will go home.

The student chosen to go against Akira is, to everyone’s surprise, Nagisa. Nagisa approaches with a smile before knocking (literally) Akira off guard with his killer aura. Akira is taken down by Nagisa who brings the knife to his throat from behind. Akira makes excuses and tries to fight for his position, or rather, tries to intimidate everyone into letting him show up. For once, the principal does something right by showing up and firing Akira.

Karasuma seems to be struggling with what to do if Nagisa were to say he wanted to grow up to be an assassin. And if you’re wondering where Karma went, he left as soon as Akira showed up. If there’s one thing I can credit Karma for, its his judge of character. I also believe that Karma knew, at the very least, Nagisa could handle Akira.

In the end, I was happy to see a bit more into Nagisa’s character. I wish however, we could see more about the students as individuals and learn about more of them.



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