Death Parade Episode 10: Story Teller

Description from FUNi: Decim visits Nona and tells her that he believes that their way of passing judgment is flawed. Nona sends him another customer, whose case may unravel the mystery of the black-haired woman, and whom Decim chooses to judge without the aid of any memories.

Faced with the realization that the way of their judgement may not be right, Decim confronts Nona and states he can no longer pass judgement in such a way. Nona points out that Onna’s “term” is coming to an end and we see that her body is chipping away to reveal a dummy beneath. I would also like to point out that in this scene, Clavis is standing off to the side, presumably listening in.

Interestingly, if a human soul remains in limbo for too long, they will become a dummy. An old lady arrives, as part of Onna’s judgement. Could this woman be a mother? Sibling? Or even possibly an old rival? How long has Onna actually been in the afterlife?

The game chosen is “Old Maid” and is played between Onna, the old woman, and Decum. The woman is revealed to be an illustrator and the images on the cards relate to each player. Interestingly enough, the old man that the woman sees in her cards is the elderly gentleman from Death Billiards.

Uemura Sachiko is the name of the older woman. Unfortunately, Onna cannot introduce herself, as she does not recall her own name.

Of course, it is important to note that the joker card has the image of a pair of skates. Also, Onna approached Quin about Onna’s memories.
Surprisingly, Sachiko has figured out right away that she is in the afterlife. She realizes when the card features a character she had yet to create but planned to. Sachiko also expresses that she is thankful for the game and their time together, getting to see her drawings again. The game narrows down to Decim and Onna playing together.

In a minor flashback, Onna recalls that her name is Chiyuki. The game ends with Chiyuki having the joker card and Sachiko leaving to be reincarnated. Oculus absorbs Clavis’ memories and learns of Decim’s secret, which leads me to be very worried for the outcome of the series.


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