Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 2

Plastic Memories 3

There was a lot of tom foolery and fanservice in this episode. I know the point of this episode was to lighten the overall mood of the show and it did make me life a few times. I didn’t hate this episode nor did I love this episode. Overall, it was an entertaining episode that was cute in its own right. Also, what the hell does Zack have to deal with?

Seraph of the End 3

If you tell me Yuu does nothing wrong, I will argue with you. Yuu, like most badass, know-it-all, shonen characters, charged head first into a big pile of trouble in this week’s episode. However, he was able to conquer the demon that entered his mind and tried to trick him. Are you surprised? I’m not. We also got to see that Mr. Fancy Vampire Prince and Mika are still alive. Also, Mika is a vampire now. Woohoo! I can’t wait for this to get more dramatic and depressing.

My Love Story!! 3

Have you ever wanted to hide under a bed when you realize someone actually likes you? Well, Takeo Gouda does that. In this episode, he finally gets it through his thick skull, with the help of Suna, that Yamato likes him. This episode was really cute and funny. It proved just how much of a good friend Suna is as well as just how odd Yamato’s taste in men is. Overall, I am still head over heels for this show and all of the secondhand embarrassment I get from it.

Food Wars 2 & 3

Once again, I am not sure I want to admit I watched Food Wars. In these two episodes, the main character gets tested on his cooking abilities. If he passes and is able to impress “The God Tongue,” he can get into the school. Of course, being that Erina Nakiri is a tsundere with a goddess complex, she refuses to admit his food is good. Her grandfather, the head of the school, lets Soma in anyway. Soma is immediately targeted because of his low stature. His food is sabotaged on his first day but he is able to turn it around in the end. And of course, there are plenty of over-the-top foodgasms.

Kyoukai no Rinne 3

In this episode we meet Rokumon, black cat by contract who exists to serve Shinigami. He once served under Rokudo’s grandmother, however she fired him. During this episode, Rokumon tries to get Rokudo to hire him but he is refused multiple times. That is, until Rokumon proves his worth but using magic and saving Rokudo (well, actually, Mamiya) money! Rokumon is hired for a very measly salary. I really enjoyed this episode as well as the introduction of a weird/cute mascot character. Somehow, Rokumon having a human face and a cat body makes me very uncomfortable though.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Episode 3

We finally get more Haruhi Suzumiya in this episode as she forces her way into the life of the literature club, dragging Itsuki Koizumi with her. Haruhi, pushy as ever, makes herself the executive president of the club and also kidnaps Mikuru with the help (noble sacrifices) of Itsuki and Kyon. I think the thing that made me really happy about this episode was Koizumi declaring his feelings (to Kyon) for Haruhi. I ship it. This was a funny episode and Haruhi helped liven things up. I am certainly curious to see how this plays out, specifically after the mention of “people from alternate dimensions.” I still really wish they wouldn’t have made Yuki so…dumb though.

Show by Rock!! 3

YAY! They confirmed that Mao was, indeed, an alien from another planet sent to gather information about MidiCity. In this episode, Plasmagica faces off against the elite band of middle-schoolers, Cristicrista. Much to everyone’s dismay, despite their hard work, Plasmagica loses their first live show together. Even so, they get closer because of this. This episode was fairly entertaining and packed full of nice music.

Rainy Cocoa 1-3

I somehow didn’t notice as I pressed play on FUNimation that these episodes were only 2 minutes. I won’t lie, I chose to watch this because it had an all-male cast. This series is very choppy and it is certainly something I personally find hard to understand/enjoy having not read/listened to the comics. There was very little given about the characters and the animation in the opening sequence is very sloppy; frequently the faces are disproportionate and the eyes are uneven. I may or may not continue to pursue and talk about Rainy Cocoa until I have read the comics.


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