Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 2

My Love Story!! Episode 3

My Love Story!! continues on being adorable. This episode features Takeo being dumb but thankfully also contains a confession from Yamato. Not that it was intentional but Suna kinda forced it out of her. I’m enjoying this show but honestly it makes me super embarrassed. Like, just watching Takeo ‘help’ Yamato with her crush on Suna is hilariously embarrassing. He just can’t fathom anyone could like him. The real question is where the story will go from here. They become a couple at the end of the episode so the story is really gonna take off now.

Soo, this happened.

Food Wars Episodes 2 & 3

This was actually quite a step up from episode 1. Erina was annoying (and I feel like they stole her ‘god’s tongue’ thing from Yumeiro Pâtissière, heck it’s even similar to what they did in Kitchen Princess except hers had to do with ingredients). However the ridiculous cooking scenes were pleasant and I quite enjoyed Megumi’s character. I just hope we don’t end up going the route of Megumi falls for Soma but Soma goes after Erina. Because I don’t want that. Please just pair Megumi and Soma up for the love of everything. It would be way cuter than having to deal with the tsundere that is Erina.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Episode 3

I enjoyed Yuki-chan much more this week but let me be clear. It was solely based on the return of Haruhi Suzumiya. Her music’s return nearly made me die from happiness and her character is beautiful and lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed her this episode. That said this series will go nowhere if it continues down the road where Haruhi comes in and takes over. Something is bound to happen and Haruhi and Koizumi are bound to get kicked out of the Literature Club. I’ll be sad but I’ll accept it because it would ruin the show. Hopefully they can stay as mildly important characters though because I enjoy Haruhi and Koizumi. Also is anyone else hoping this series gets a broadcast dub? I can’t wait for the return of Crispin Freeman as Kyon.

Show By Rock!! Episode 3

Show By Rock!! continues down the path of giving up more idols every episode and based off of the preview for next time we aren’t leaving this pattern behind anytime soon. Still I rather enjoy the show. I don’t know if it is my love for magical girl shows that is making the bright colors and fun music work for me but it is. That said this show is not made for everyone and the CGI can be a turnoff for someone not used to seeing it randomly placed in a show. That said this episode gave some needed depth to Retoree, the tsundere, who had no friends so she joined a band. However despite spending time with ChuChu and Moa she has yet to truly feel a bond and is questioning her position in the band. This all culminates with a battle of the bands versus a band known as Criticrista. Plasmagica loses the contest but does deepen their bond in the process. Overall it was a cute episode although this show is truly going nowhere.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 3

I’m honestly still enjoying Rinne. I know this is pretty much Inuyasha in 2015 but hey, it’s fun. Besides the characters aren’t really the same and Rumiko works are always pretty fun to watch when you want something to pass the time. Rinne may not be groundbreaking but it is consistent in storytelling and comedy. So another fun episode went by and we learned some about Rinne’s past. This part was quite interesting and I’m interested to see how it affects the story later.

Plastic Memories Episode 3

Ah, Plastic Memories. This episode was…interesting compared to the first two. Rather than furthering the story this episode was spent more on character development. Strange character development. It turns out partners are required to live together. Therefore Tsukasa moves into Isla’s apartment. Isla promptly ignores him but only when they are in the apartment. Isla is perfectly normal at work. This is where we move to the ‘take bad advice from every mail character’ sequence. It does illicit some laughs but mainly it detracts from the previous episodes serious nature. Eventually Tsukasa invites Isla out to go shopping on the advice of Kazuki (Isla’s former partner). In the end his plan fails and he upsets Isla more than anything. The first part of this episode felt strange to me because I didn’t expect so much random comedy. Overall you could call this episode mediocre but I’m still looking forward to where it is going.

Seraph of the End Episode 3

Seraphy of the End, man, your first episode looked so promising. It may have been predictable but it was nice. The promise of action and vampires and attractive uniforms was lovely. However as each episode passes I’m less and less sure what your ultimate goal is. What am I supposed to take from this show? Because right now I just feel unconnected to the world and the characters don’t have enough depth either. With both of these pieces missing it is becoming harder to like the show. That said I still want to know what’s going to happen. It does have a story that promises drama and fights and maybe those attractive uniforms, so I’ll continue on with it.


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