Assassination Classroom 14: Vision Time

In this episode, E class goes swimming and a lot of the students finally realize Nagisa is a boy and Koro refuses to get in the water. The water apparently makes his tentacles puff up so he cannot move easily.

Itona and Shiro finally show back up.

Terasaka gets fed up with everyone “buzzing around” Koro-sensei. Terasaka is paid off by Shiro to mess up the pool and Koro’s senses. The bug spray he busts makes Koro secrete all of the mucus in his body, which he usually uses to protect himself from water.

Shiro sets it up so that the dam in the makeshift pool would break and the students would be swept away by the current. Koro jumps in to save them and he sucks up water that limits the movements of his tentacles.

The rest of the students, under Karma’s direction, sabotage the assassination and drive off Itona and Shiro again. When will Itona actually become part of the class?

I really enjoyed this episode, it had a lot of moments that made me love Karma even more. It was funny as well and made me realize how close summer is. At the end of the episode, Nagisa states that they all overlooked Koro’s biggest weakness in all of this.

If I were to assume his biggest weakness, I would say it is probably the students themselves.


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