Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 3

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 4

This episode gave me hope that Haruhi will turn out to just be a regular character and won’t ruin the feel this show has going for it. I really enjoy the way the characters are being presented here. I never really enjoyed Mikuru’s character during The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya however I have come to quite enjoy her character in this series. She’s much more likeable and this art style has made her adorable. The only character I’m having trouble liking is Yuki. I just feel they’ve made her too dumb. I also feel like I say this ever week. Welp. Still, this Valentine’s Day episode was delightful. I enjoyed the Kyon and Haruhi moments and the cliffhanger was hilarious. I can’t wait till next week.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 4

I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying Rinne. This episode featured the introduction of a rival in the form of a ‘childhood friend.’ This would be Tsubasa Jumonji, a boy who can see ghosts and whose family does exorcisms. Tsubasa once went to school with Sakura although it was only for a short time and she doesn’t remember him. On the first day of class Tsubasa confesses his feelings for Sakura. This initially doesn’t bother Rinne however as the episode progresses he becomes more and more annoyed with Tsubasa for multiple reasons. I’m thoroughly enjoying the way this show is progressing and I love the way Rinne and Sakura’s relationship is moving. I know that they are the obvious couple and therefore the one that will most likely become reality but I still think they are cute.

I know this isn’t related to the episode but I love this part in the opening.

My Love Story!! episode 4

So this week Yamato has decided she wants her friends to meet her boyfriend. This leads to a single’s meet up with her friends and Takeo’s friends. All of Yamato’s friends are surprised when they see who her boyfriend is. They expect a really cool guy but are instead graced with Takeo’s presence. Eventually Yamato overhears some of the girls bad mouthing Takeo and it really upsets her. Guys, Yamato is adorable and nothing will change that. Anyway, Yamato runs away, Takeo chases her down and then when they come back they see that a fire has started in the building. Everyone gets out except for the two girls badmouthing Takeo. Takeo saves them and everyone realizes how cool he is, or at least that he’s nice. It was cute, embarrassing, and more of the same adorable story we’ve gotten so far. I personally have no idea what to expect from this show but I know one thing: it will be cute.

Show By Rock!! episode 4

And to the surprise of everyone this episode of Sow By Rock!! featured the introduction of a new band. This band, Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan, plays eastern music which basically means Enka. If you don’t know what Enka is I suggest you look it up on Youtube. It’s kinda screamy in the best way. Beyond their introduction one other interesting thing happens. Rom runs into Shu Zo, the leader of Trichronika, and we get a little glimpse of how they used to be in the same band. Rom nearly punches Shu Zo, which I would have loved to see, but sadly doesn’t. Their conversation is interrupted by the rest of Shingan Crimsonz who wanted to come for ramen. I enjoyed the little glimpse of seriousness and hope the show delves into a story and turns into something great.

Beware of the creepy moment with this lady.

Food Wars episode 4

This episode of Food Wars is all about how Soma gets into his dorm. This dorm, the Polar Star Dormitory, comes with an entrance test. Unfortunately, Soma looses the paper telling him this and comes completely unprepared. However, it’s Soma, so he fixes something with scraps and moves on. That’s when we meet the dorm residents. They all look really interesting, especially the guy who smokes food. I’m excited to learn about him. That said we meet one person of real importance. Satoshi Isshiki is a sophomore at the academy and sits in the seventh seat of the Elite Ten. Let’s just say he’s interesting, just like the rest of this show.

Plastic Memories episode 4

This episode of Plastic Memories goes back to the one client per episode way. Today Tsukasa and Isla are attempting to retrieve a Giftia who acts as a caretaker for a boy. These children are called ‘android children.’ Initially Michiru had wanted to take the case but it was given to Tsukasa and Isla instead. We later learned that Michiru was also an android child. However Michiru prevented her father from being retrieved and he became a wanderer. This is where we finally learn what happens to a Giftia after their lifespan is up. They lose their memories as well as knowledge however they are still able to move and do things so they end up wandering around, hence the name. I enjoyed the chance to learn about Michiru and I actually quite like her character. I didn’t think I would like her because she appeared to just be a tsundere however her tsundere characteristics are blended nicely and create a pretty good character. Also, dat cliffhanger.

Seraph of the End episode 4

If I could, I would make my Seraph of the End posts just a clip of me screaming repeatedly. Ask Alyssa that’s basically what happens when we watch it. I scream. A lot. That said this episode provides us with a lot of info, such as how Mika became a vampire. Which was not by his choice. He was actually cool with dying rather than becoming a vampire but he is apparently a “Seraph.” Well he and Yuuichiro are “Seraphs” so that’s something that I can’t wait to know more about. Other than that we meet Shiho Kimizuki another potential Moon Demon Company recruit. He is eager to join the army to get health care benefits for his ill sister. He basically reminds me of a pink haired Tsukishima (Haikyuu) as it stands.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Are you enjoying this season or do you think it’s boring. I’m personally having fun with this season.


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